Retire to Goa

Can anyone tell me what type of Visa I would need to retire to Goa?Age 57 English passport.

Not Possible for a permanent stay, however, you can stay for 6 months on tourist visit visa !!

When the 6 months is up can I get a new one?If so how long will that take?


There is a category of visa that allows you multiple entry visa for 5 years if you own an immovable property in India.

I suppose it can be renewed similarly for next 5 years & so on...
(Again I suppose the max limit of 5 years would be to ensure the person is still an owner of property here & to recheck that all is fine with his stay here...)

However if you decide to buy property here, please ensure:

1. The visit when you buy property (when signing papers etc)  has to be under business visa catagory for that perticular visit.

2. Route funds through proper channels (as prescribed for foreigners buying property in India) & not by any short cut mathod.

Since you mentioned "retirement" so I wrote all above for more clarity on the subject.

All the best with your plans !

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No reporting like here in Thailand then.

This is not true. You are not allow to buy and land or house.  Even a car.  You must be a pio or a oci. To do that. No visa allows you any such rights. That's the law

Excuse me safetyinnumbers,

You seem to be misinformed...

A foreigner IS allowed to buy immovable & movable property in India...

& as I explained... once you LEGALLY buy property (taking legal route & not bypassing it) , there DOES exist the category of Visa for foreigners for 5 years at a time....

There's a lot of misinformation floating around especially in Goa regarding this aspect- I don't know why... Maybe could bebbecause half-knowledge people bought property there bypassing the prescribed procedure in law.....& now they're saying that it's not possible....

I am afraid what you're suggesting (to over stay the t-visa), would endanger a person's credentials with authorities regarding issuance of another visa for reentry once the person goes out... Out here one is talking of peace of mind & retirement....

I suppose it's another matter when one is young & wouldn't care two hoots if a country refused a another visa because there's the whole earth to explore....

Again want to repeat that if a foreigner wants to buy property in India (including Goa), he has to come on business visa while signing documents... However for scouting to do so one can do so on any visa including the tourist visa.

& yes Goa is an Expat's heaven :)

My friend you are wrong. Go look at pio. Oci. No person can buy any such things outside of india.i guess you never been to goa. (moderated: no rude comment here please)

safeyinnumbers wrote:

My friend you are wrong. Go look at pio. Oci. No person can buy any such things outside of india.i guess you never been to goa. But wait goa would not speak to your kind

1. The person concerned is NOT a PIO/OCI card holder. he never claimed so, & his queries are specific. Secondly even if such was the case, the PIO/OCI as per Indian laws in force today are on par with an alien a.k.a. foreigners..

2."no person can buy anythings outside of India" - we are talking of buying something INSIDE India & not "outside" India. Unless you'd come around & say that yoy meant something else, & in that case it would speak much about your comprehension of English language... What to talk of your comprehension of laws...(that are primarily written in same language)

3. The last sentence does'nt throw light on the topic in hand but rather is just a snide remark (because a misplaced ego could'nt handle the fact that your misinformation was exposed?)

Further, all have to understand that there's an underbelly of Goa as well.. All kinds of Expats from all kinds of backgrounds are here... From the undereducated to specialists of their fields. A person who has always led an above board life can always have the same above board life in Goa as well... No need to be ignorant & irresponsible. There does exist the clean way. :)

Roger - did you do it, did you actually retire to India?