Any girl has who is married an indian and she extend her visa ???????

I m looking if i will get visa or not because my husband is british national and original indian waiting for one month the answer from the FRRO plz if there any one who knows about this to reply me ???????

If your husband is of Indian origin he is entitled to get an OCI, which is a lifelong visa and you should be able to get a PIO which is a 15 yr visa. As long as he has the required papers it should not be a problem!

Pio and oci are now the same. And can only be done after one year of marriage. And then can only be done in the place of the marriage.  Meaning if you were married in UK. You must applied there.

safeyinnumbers is right...

Look up this link:

You might have to visit/ call the Indian Embassy in your country and inquire.

Hi DMoss my husband he had PIO card from 2012 i want to extend my visa and my file is in the office for 1month no answer yet first they say will not extend ur visa because ur husband is british national but other person in same office said that origil who have PIO card have rights like national indian then they send my file the big office now waiting what is the answer ??????!!!!!!

Hi Safeyinnumbers we did our marriage in india i m here 7 month my visa is only 6month because my file still in the big FRRO  ??? I have read some information on the link DMoss send me

I want to thank u both for ur help and ur answers

where are you in India?

Was your husband born in India or his parents or grandparents born in India?

In that case go back and apply for pio today. I know this all to well. I did mine this year it self.and it will take up to three months to the bad news.when I got to India. They rush be to apply. So that my visa would not run out.hence pio  is your answer. You must get visa fix frist. But you can apply for it now.even with visa trouble.

Hi DMoss i m in mumbai my husband he born in india his parent also and grandparent are all born in india

Hi safyinnumbers thanks alot for all information when i m just waiting first to get the extention of my visa then can apply for pio

Hi Sejal nice to meet u too tell me which kind of visa do u like to apply and for which country ????

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Although the govt. has changed we don't get to see the change in working of bureaucrats down the line due to rampant corruption. They still try to play tricks and exploit people but don't get trapped by touts. You should also write to Minister of External Affair as well with scanned copy of your application for extension of VISA. I think it will get you an answer. Just visit Govt. of India's website for contact details.

You can write a letter to PMO if bureaucrats are not helping you properly.

Any. Updates. If you are on a t visa. All u had to do to reset it. Let me know where u standing

Thank u Naval i m really still waiting for the extention my husband where ever he go to ask them , they tell him we are also waiting for the answer don t worry for anything ur wife will get the visa but how we can know it is right u can t be waiting all ur life .... ????

Hi friend i m still in same step waiting for their answer!!!!

You need to take little extra pain and make an application in writing to FRRO-Mumbai office asking for extension of Visa on whatever grounds you want to mention and take acknowledgement from them. You just can't make out a case on verbal discussions as most India bureaucrats are thick skinned thugs  always on the look out for preys. Send acknowledged copy to CM of Mumbai. You can easily find their addresses from net.

I asked u to call me or mail me. Things will be solved. you are not gonna get the things done at blog. Mail me or leave me msg with your email or you can give whats up msg at +377 448 35 009

I got your uo date for you. I went to help a friend out with some things at frro office . Stop by PIO  office. Update UPDATE !!!!!   They are no more PIO cards given. Repeat.   PIO cards are now a thing of the past. Starting mArch. 2015. PIO are now  OCI .PIOs must now re. Apply for their new OCI cards. Begeining march 2015.

Hi first i want to thank u alot for this information i had my visa last week its fir 1year thats good now after i will apply for OCI card...
After waiting so long i get something nice so thank u alot for ur help wish u all the best

Hi thank u alot i had my visa last week that was nice thanks again and again for all friends who has given help wish u and all friend the best