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I have recently graduated with a BA in German Language and Literature, and am looking at moving abroad.  The easiest method I'm finding of obtaining work visas, etc, is by teaching English.

I am looking for people who have done this or are currently doing this.  What language school did you go to to get certified?  What are the job prospects in Europe (preferably Central/Eastern Europe)?  What kind of pay can I expect?

Any other information would also be helpful.  I'm really trying to move back (lived in Germany last year for 12 months) and am nearly desperate.  Thanks!

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several members are teaching english abrad, I hope they'll take the time to reply to your message!

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I live in Italy and when I first arrived I taught English. I did a CELTA course in Hastings which was pretty intense but helped when trying to get work here. Schools pay beteen 10 and 20 Euros an hour but there is always private work available. Its not to difficult I feel to find teaching work in Italy.

Try www.daveseslcafe.com for job opportunities. Most European jobs are in Eastern Europe but there are ones for Spain & Italy too. A TESL certificate or a CELTA will land you a job quickly.

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Im here in Almaty since nov 25 till now...im looking for any Expat English speaking family who needs someone to run errands for the family. Im from Phillippines... if there are enterested pls do email me..

The CELTA course is the gold standard, with it you can get work in most any place...you can take intense short courses, or longer ones.  They teach you both how to teach, and ensure that you are up to speed on what you need to know about the grammar.

It all depends on where you would like to move. You can get an H3 visa for the USA to do this kind of job. The only thing is that you will have to find a job offer there. Good luck.

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