Getting an ID card switched from Java to Bali

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My wife (a local) originally from Java has a Malang ID card.  She is now living in Bali after 5+ years in Hong Kong (where we met).  She applied for a Bali ID card and went through the application process.  Now, some of this has been lost in translation, but the gist of it goes something like this:

In order to get the application approved, we had to show the Badung Banjar evidence of residence and ownership of property in Kerobokan.  He then he asked for a IDR 5 million donation for the approval.  Where I come from a donation is something that the donor decides upon.... After discussing with a local friend, she told us in Canggu they pay something like 800k for this "donation"

So she said something like - that's too much, I'll cancel the transfer of the ID.  To which he said - oh, it's OK - 1m or 2m is OK.  WTF.  Anyway, now the Banjar is asking for the donation of 1m up front.  My wife said (to me) she will contact the government after she has the card but they are probably just as corrupt.  Would appreciate any comments.


Disclaimer: I am new here.....

Take him out to eat, make friends with him, enjoy the meal, talk about local stuff, settle on zero  to 1m, shake hands, smile, and your ID card will be switched that day. Everyone will be happy, problem will be solved, and you and your wife will both have a new local friend.

yup bribery/donation is norm to get things done, especially if there is no standard price in getting a service done, escalate it and you would alienate yourself from the banjar, not worth the trouble imo for 1mill

Not ID card situation for me as we dont want to change that - but we needed to show proof of our residence here 8n Bali (orig from Jakarta), we just made Surat Domisili - my wife and I just made new letter of residence here in our banjar in south Kuta. For me, Surat domisili, for my wife, as she's Indonesian it's was called temporary resident now we are registered as residents in our banjar but we can both keep our original address on our ktp without having to make new card which entails changing all ID and address documents.Total donation 100kAsk do you really need new ID card?

Hello all

Thanks so much for the replies - I did not receive any email notifications so did not know of them.

@haroldgregg - I agree that this needs to be the strategy going forwards.  We settled on 1m.  But still waiting on the card....

@lockn - as a percentage, the difference between 1 and 5 m is considerable.  It was the wife who refused on principle.

@kbartsurfer - I think we paid 300k for that.  This is a recurring 6 month payment I believe?  Looks like more meals.  I mentioned not changing her Malang card and probably not a good move - seems a lot of trouble for her if we don't change but she's calmed down now 1f605.svg

Thanks again for the info


All I do is talk to my local Pak RT and/or RW.

It's supposed to be free but, if you pay them for the 'service', it's generally a lot less hassle and messing around.

My last change cost Rp150k.

The previous one set me back a million.