Housing at a hotel or near parks


Bonjour, I am an online math instructor for a college and plan to move to Paris this Fall 2023. Initially, I am looking for housing at a hotel in order to explore the area(s) in which to move. I am a senior and love to be near the parks and enjoy walking, hiking, and biking--nature restores me <3. Any suggestions?  Merci beaucoup, bonne Journee!

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Please note that I have created a new thread from your topic on the Paris forum so that members can share their feedback with you.

In the meantime, feel free to read the articles of the Accommodation in Paris section to get some first hand infos.

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@Bhavna Nobody has responded to help me with my post.

I don't see any replies, how come? What do you suggest? I don't see anything in the

accommodation area either.