Any born and raised South Africans who could help me with vocab?

Hello, everyone!

I'm from Brazil, but, in my master's degree dissertation, I chose to speak about a South African writer, Sindiwe Magona.

I am presenting, discussing, and translating some of her short stories into Brazilian Portuguese. However, here and there, I come across some cultural references that are more challenging and harder to address.

For instance: in a short story she writes about a (probable) type of physical aggression/attack, called 'Wonder Loaf'.

Has anyone here ever heard of that? Could anyone give me a hand with this?

Thanks in advance!


A pleasant day,

Pardon the intrusion, I'm new on the platform.

I could assist where I can if it's in vernacular languages that I know. I'm keen on learning a few Portuguese phrases as well.

A Skype call would clear some few details.

Let's arrange a suitable time first.



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