Any information on the Chilean Family Court System

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Im planning on moving to Chile in July of this year with my 9 year old son ( Chilean ).   His mother and I separated 5 years ago and have been co parenting  under a 50/50 care arrangements ever since .  His mother has just retuned to Chile to look after her mother as she is sick . As I mentioned before , Im planning on moving to Chile in July and Im trying to get a clearer picture of my rights as a father and how this will affect the care arrangements .

Does Chile recognise Australia's laws regarding family situations ? Will I be able to keep the care arrangements in place?

What rights do fathers have under Chilean law to see their child ?  If anyone could give me a basic idea or point me in the right direction , I would be so so grateful .

Thank you

I would doubt that Australia's laws, or any foreign country's laws, would apply completely or overrule Chile's laws when the father is a foreign citizen, the mother is a Chilean citizen, and thus the child is most likely considered a Chilean citizen, and then considering that any and all legal actions if any would be taking place in Chile...

This is clearly a matter for a Chilean law profesional - you are not likely to get correct and comprehensive information about such an important and complicated matter on any internet forum where literally anyone can say anything.

You could start, though, by seeing what governmental organizations in Chile have jurisdiction, and what legal structures they operate under.

Here, information about Juzgados de Familia and a link to Derecho de Familia: … a_de_Chile

Here, more about Derecho de Familia: … s-basicos/

Here is a link discussing the equality of the mother and father in the care of their children: … -los-hijos

Thank you so much !

Hi Michael, maybe you need to contact a lawyer specialized with family matter, the only advice that I can give you in this case it that compare the prices between differente lawyers because there are much difference for the same process (At least in my experience). There is an institution called INCAMI although is specialized in migration (and your case is like a kind migration but with a special condition) maybe you can contact their juridic department , this is the link:

PD: Another option that can be useful for you … y-gratuita

Good luck

Hi Michael, You could contact us [link moderated] . We would be happy to assist.

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