Immigration when not married

Some thing we have come up against now on this is that we need to obtain proof of co-habitation in the uk and Cyprus as part of the immigration. We did obtain a council certificate to certify we were both on the electoral roll at the same address for over 5 years but then they asked for this doc to be signed by a council employee! Apparently we need to find the local Muktah to also certify we are co-habiting.

We also needed to visit a hospital to get blood tests and chest x-rays. This was easy and only cost 68 euro each no appointment needed and results the next day.

UK police checks from ACRO also requested and these cost 55.00 GBP each and take approx 12 weeks plus time to have redirected to Cyprus.

There is also the normal copies of passport etc but these are easier compared to the above. My suggestion is sort out the ACRO before coming over and look into the council certification in advance.

All of this was not expected and we were only told a week before our immigration appointment. This has now been postponed as we cannot obtain all the docs. I understand some of the changes only came into law on the 1st jan 2023 but they were in the pipe a few weeks before and we could have been told to prepare rather than at the last minute


Still having interesting conversations regarding this for TOR along with immigration.

The new requests are

Have the rental agreement that must have stamp duty paid if over 5000 eur also stamped and signed by the local Mukhtar

A special cohabitation form showing address names and passport numbers also signed and stamped by the Mukhtar

I have never had so much paper work to keep track of and everyone wants to see the original and keep a copy!

That 5000euros requirement is a per yr rental cost to legalise a contract ... Under that it's not required..... That has been in place for quite some time it's not new.... 

@phildraper hi, you mentioned that you had the chest x-Ray and blood tests done. I'd be grateful if you could let me know how you arranged for these to be done in Cyprus. I'm applying for a pink slip. Thanks

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A new thread was created on the Limassol forum to increase your chances of gathering information.

Here it is >Where I can get the chest x-Ray and blood tests done?

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I walked into Saint Georges hospital Paphos and went to the x-ray department. Told them what I needed and we were x-rayed and blood tested within 30 mins. Results were available for collection 09:00 the next day. 68 euro for both of us. As the immigration need a form completing and signing by a doctor I recommend you try to get this done at the same time in the hospital as after costs 40 euro. The immigration lawyer can send you the form or probably available to download on line. The form is headed Ministry of Health Medical certificate

@phildraper Great information.

Have read this with great interest. came here NOW 8 yrs ago and what a change. went to Immigration example today got the appointment 2 days later. They wanted copies of the house purchase, Bank statements (UK) for 3 yrs and 5 Euros for the yellow slip. WHAT A CHANGE

Yellow slip issued in 10 mins after appointment. This was in Paralimni. By the way i am cohabitating.

What can i do to help and will do so but rules are changing on a daily basis

Toon == reading-- your one word explains it all (hahaha)

@charles533 it is what it is... and never fails to make me cushion a wry smile at how chaotic everything seems to be but I will give them their due they are consistent ...  when with just a little thought it could be so much better organised and easier for everyone  including those who administer it all