Where to look for work for english speakers?

I would like to find work in El Jadida. However, I only speak English. Any suggestions? Maybe assist teachers who teach English? Thank you for any suggestions.

Hey there, I"m Moroccan and I live in El Jadida. I suggest applying to work at the American Language Center.  https://aca.org.ma/jobs/6269/?utm_campa … um=organic

@yasmeg25 what certificates do you have? Are you interested in working at a beauty place? And are you willing to more to Marrakech

  • @leooffice hi, thanks for your massage.  An you send me you e mail so I can send you my cv please. I'll be in Marraquexe Monday night

I live in marrakech and I'm surprised to see anything available here.

I have looked for work for years, I see Moroccans with horrible English teaching kids and teens in schools and privately with no real qualification but me, a native English speaker born and raised, I'm asked for qualifications in English. Lol