Your best culinary memory in Switzerland

Hello everyone,

As you know, every country has its own flavours and tasting the local cuisine is a great way to discover the culture of a destination. Whether it's a small typical restaurant to taste local dishes, a traditional meal in a local's home, street food or fast food, there is something for everyone!

So, which dish do you want to try in Switzerland?
Which dish has impressed you the most and when did you discover it?
Do you know how to cook it and share it with your family?

Thank you for your taste contribution ;)

The Rhiehenhof Restaurant in Basel is fantastic! Literally the best stone baked thin crusty pizzas I've ever eaten were from there. I'm persoanlly not a fan of pasta so I can't comment on this.... everyone else loved their dishes. For me, their pizza was so good.

The dish that impressed me the most was the Gemischtesalat / mixed salad, and yes I try to replicate this at home as well.

Then again, some places that serve Saurkraut mit bonen is also the best. What I liked a lot was learning that the Swiss will sun dry green beans / french beans.....of course the shrivel up and go dry, but then lightly cook them again in water with seasoning, and the flavours of the beans are so much stronger doing it that way than cooking them 'fresh'...

What did you like Mickael?

Great topic. 

Would love to know places in Zurich to check out?