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About Me:

I am an experienced real estate advisor currently based in France, seeking an opportunity to work with developers or real estate agencies in Dubai, while staying in France. My goal is to connect investors and potential buyers with real estate opportunities in Dubai, offering local expertise with an international perspective.

Skills and Experience:

Education: Engineering degree in computer science with a specialization in project management, and a business degree from a recognized business school.

Experience: 5 years of experience as a real estate advisor in France.

Languages: Fluent in French, fluent in English, Arabic (a plus).


Prospecting and developing client portfolios.

Personalized advice and market analysis.

Client relationship management and support throughout the buying process.

Deep knowledge of the French real estate market and insights into the Dubai real estate market.

What I Offer:

Prospecting: Developing a portfolio of clients interested in real estate investment in Dubai.

Advising: Providing detailed information and advice on the Dubai real estate market.

Assistance: Supporting clients in all stages of the buying process, from initial search to final transaction.

Relations: Collaborating with real estate developers and agencies in Dubai.

Flexibility: Availability to meet clients across France to discuss their real estate projects and provide in-person advice, as well as through phone and video calls.

What I Am Looking For:

Type of Position: Permanent contract (CDI) or freelance opportunity.

Location: Remote work from France. Willing to travel to Dubai for a few weeks if needed.

Company: Real estate developers or agencies in Dubai.


Language(s) spoken

French (Mother tongue)

Arabic (Fluent)

English (Advanced)

Job offer details
What I am looking for
Permanent contract, Fixed-term contract, Temporary work, Freelance
Working time
Full time, Part time
Salary range
USD 7000