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Updated 2019-11-12 11:03

Keep in mind that Mexicans are very social and that it doesn't take a lot of trouble to meet people who share your interests. There are many ways to search out and keep stimulating relationships going. Finding things to do and places to meet new people are abundant in Mexico City. So if you like interacting with different kinds of people, you can do so with little more than initiative.

Popular apps in Mexico City

As far as apps go, the most widely used one is WhatsApp. If you would like to network and expand your group of friends in Mexico City, it is a must. In fact, often as you begin to develop a relationship with someone new, it becomes second nature to ask them if they are on this app. Like in many places, Instagram and Facebook are also very popular and in professional circles, particularly those that deal with the arts, it is quite common to keep others up to date as to what you are doing with these social media channels. Less popular ones include Snapchat and Twitter.

Among busy and young people, there is a lot of dependence on mobile apps. A big reason for this is that, like in so many capital cities around the world, Mexico City is very much on the bustling side and there is a proliferation of the notion that they need to get things moving. This has both upsides and downsides. It is good in the sense that you can feel rather comfortable wandering around and asking for directions, and on the flips idea, people, particularly when they are overworked can be very short with you, which you are more than likely to not take to personally.

Popular events in Mexico City

Some of the best instances for meeting others are during special events like festivals, and in Mexico City, there are tons. Some regular themes include ecology and environmental awareness, gastronomy like coffee and chocolate, business and trade, among many others. It is a good idea to look at the calendars of convention centres to see what's coming up, and in fact, many offer free admission.

The best way to find out about the most significant cultural events is Facebook, as all organisations publish their events on this platform, which is the most favoured among artists and professionals. You can also browse print and online magazines such as Tempestad and Terremoto, and the popular Time Out and Chilango.

Classes and workshops in Mexico City

An excellent way to go about meeting like-minded individuals is by taking an interest in certain activities and finding workshops, classes or cultural spaces that organise those types of activities. If you have an interest in writing, you can search out meeting groups that help each other work stories out, or if painting is more your thing, you can check out the schedules that different youth centres offer. It pays to have a clear idea of what interests you and try to find correlations in different organisations.

Music is a big part of the culture for young people and as such there are a number of places where one can enjoy live music. Cultural centres that offer concert events include the Spanish Cultural Center near the Zocalo.

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