Mexico City's networking etiquette

networking etiquette
Updated 2019-11-12 10:48

Although for the most part, people are easy-going, it doesn't hurt to keep certain things in mind if you want to make the most out of interactions with the people of Mexico City, or as they are known here, ¨Chilangos.¨

General behaviour in Mexico City

Upon first meetings, Mexicans are very respectful and utilise language that reflects and interest to engage on a personal level. Physical contact of some sort is generally expected, be it with a handshake, a kiss on the cheek or a small hug. It is common when meeting with a lady that you have already met before to give her a kiss on the cheek and if the relationship grows to give a reassuring hug.

Controversial topics in Mexico City

One thing you must keep in mind is that national politics can be a sensitive issue as public security is a hot button topic and should be brought up in a careful and conscientious way. However, if you are talking about other countries this may be done in a more open manner, particularly as many people in Mexico don't travel abroad too often and love to hear about how life is carried out in other places and like to know what the state of world affairs is. Worldliness is highly appreciated and a good way to develop a conversation.

Something that's pretty characteristic of the Mexican people is that they are very conversational and like engaged discussion on all kinds of subjects of interest. This rings especially true when they come from a rural background as they're used to a more passive pace of life. Therefore, you should be quite considerate in the manner in which you dispense criticism or bad news.

Manners in Mexico City

Due to the simple fact that the family is the central social structure from which the rest of society becomes informed, things are often taken quite seriously. It's for this reason that things like table manners are important. When you leave a dining table where others are still eating, it's customary to say ¨buen provecho,¨ a saying that basically means that you wish them well.

The dress code in Mexico City

Regarding the dress code, the main thing is to look well put together and neat. You don't need to wear a suit and tie, but you should be well combed and groomed. First impressions are everything and are what invite people to engage with you in a sincere fashion. This is key when you are networking as, despite the fact that Mexicans are very warm people, they're also fairly quick to put their guard up and so you should present yourself as a reassuring presence. In doing so, you can act quite casually and invite someone to join you in a drink and so forth.

Interactions in Mexico City

Interaction with women and men requires different approaches. Men prefer a kind of direct approach which means that you need to go straight to what brings you to meet him. In contrast, women are likely to be open to chat first and they might be curious about you and what brings you to the table. They are interested in the big picture. However, you need to be extremely courteous as, in Mexico, the divide between the two sexes is quite deep.

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