Useful Information and Links about Saudi Arabia

Updated 2011-01-12 13:06


Currency: the currency of Saudi is known as the Riyal. Use any one of the many free currency converters online to compare to dollars, GBP or Euro.

* Weather: generally extremely hot in summer (approx. 40 ' 50 degree C) and very mild in winter (approx. 15 ' 25 degrees C although the nights can drop down to freezing or below on occasions). Humidity is very low, everything is very dry.

* Translation Services: do you need an Arabic Translation Service?

* News : check out all the latest Google news on Saudi.

* Intercultural Know-how: use the Intercultural Business Communication tool for tips on doing business in Saudi.

* Dialling Code: the international dialling code is +966.

* Time: Saudi is +3 hours GMT.

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