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If you dream of settling in Khobar, you will probably have to find a job there. Here are some tips to guide you in your job search.

Al-Khobar is the dynamic metropolitan of the Eastern Province. The city is home to some of the biggest malls and entertainment centres. The large expat community residing in the city and nearby has helped Khobar become the diverse bustling city it is today.

The city is hugely impacted by the petroleum industry, which drives foreign talents from around the globe. A large number of expatriates also work in the industrial ports. With so many sectors, growing rapidly Khobar is an attractive place to seek employment.


Over the years, the city got transformed into a commercial hub, thus becoming a key player in the country's economy. One of its main activities is goods and passengers transports. Along with being a major transit spot, Khobar also relies heavily on the import and export fields.

Khobar also hosts many banking and financial institutions, as well as hotels. You are also likely to find many international firms there, which are turning into one of the country's leading business and commercial hubs. The transformation of industrial gases, the dairy, carbonated water, paper, silk production, as well as garments, are other important economic pillars.

Find a job in Khobar

In general, the best and most efficient way to look for job vacancies in a region is online. Internet searches and region-specific job searches have yielded limitless numbers of jobs.


It is important to note that with new Saudization policies being put in place, jobs once open to foreigners have now been limited to Saudi nationals only.

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