Work in Costa Rica

Information on the labour market, legal framework and how to find a job in Costa Rica.

Work in Costa Rica

A low unemployment rate and a strong economy set Costa Rica apart from its neighbours. If you have fallen in love with the ...

Work in San Jose

As the country's capital, San José is home to almost half of Costa Rica's population. Read this article to find out ...

Work in Heredia

Heredia is reputed to be the safest city in Costa Rica, and the region is often referred to as the Silicone Valley of Central ...

Setting up a business in Costa Rica

The government's positive attitude towards foreign investment, as well as the country's developed infrastructure, its ...

Internship in Costa Rica

Doing an internship in Costa Rica is a fantastic way to gain international experience in your chosen field, while immersing ...

Work in Santa Ana

How to proceed to find a job in Santa Ana? What are the most promising fields? Find out in this article.

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