Adderall in Costa Rica?

Hello, I just moved to CR from the US and I have been taking Adderall for over 20 years. Before, moving here I brought in my script and bottle to have a CR pharmacist verify that I could fill this medication in the future. I was told no problem, she even made a few phone calls to verify and gave me a local Doctors  name for future prescriptions . Well, now that I'm here I'm told that it is not even registered in CR or sold in this country.  Please, if some can help me I would be so very grateful. I have been slipping into a deep depression.

@jassalti You will get a lot of that here. People yes you to death, yet what they are really saying, they do not know. That rule applies here with pretty much everything. There is an alternative here, called concerta medication. I have used it, works well

Maybe worth your time to go the Hospital Clinica Biblica, CIMA and Hospital La Catolica all of which are in the San Jose area. These are the best hospitals in the country and must have a large fountain of knowledge and a great pharmacy who should know if about the Rx you need.

Good luck!


You will have to register with them and answer all their questions. They use numerous Compound Pharmacies that will ship your prescription.

If you can't open the link, email me.

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