Retiring in Costa Rica with HIV

There are probably not that many people with this issue: how can I retire in Costa Rica being HIV+?

I had thought about Belize until I learned how much they do not like gay people there. So, that idea is gone. Want to live overseas as my Social Security and retirement income would go fUrther.

I was told to check out Costa Rica and the Caribbean Coast is appealing.  I believe that I would want to "buy into" the national medical plan ?  no private insurers will cover me(learned the hard way). Any directions to a good source is appreciated.

Sample questions: Do I need to become a Costa Rican citizen to participate ? How does one get an idea of the cost for medical and drug coverage? Does one pay a Costa Rican income tax if using the national healthcare system?

Thank you

This is a very vague question and it is plain that you are just starting. (no offense intended)  You need to do MUCH more research before you are asking the questions that you are.  You are talking about "buy into" (no such thing).  Citizenship will take many, many years.  I don't think anyone can answer your questions until you do some more basic research.
Your answers to your questions to your last paragraph can be found on line.
Best of luck in your endeavors!

I am not able to give you much positive information but I do wish you luck in all you endeavor but please do LOTS of  research before taking the plunge... You may try to contact online a gay group who would probably have a lot of information for you
Good Luck :)

Residency requirements can be found here

It could take a year or more to gain residency and during this time you won't be able to sign up and use the CAJA, the socialized and mandatory healthcare system and as you mentioned. most private insurance companies won't accept pre-existing conditions, so you will have to pay over the counter and/or use private facilities until you have a cedula, in hand. Not all meds are provided or available here and those from elsewhere can't be shipped by mail or courier companies. Due to long wait time for specialist appointments or surgeries, most expats choose to use both CAJA and the private facilities.

Your premium for CAHA will depend on your 'guaranteed for life pension' amount.
Being HIV+ could make it more difficult for you, rather than 'just being gay'.

Visit first, and see for yourself if Costa Rica will suit you. This is advisable for anyone who is considering moving here...

Extremely helpful! I am grateful for the thoughtful advice provided. Your response was what I was hoping to receive.
Making plans to visit next year.

I would love it you could share your research with me

Just an FYI - the previous posts were over 2 years old.  The member may possibly not still be active.

I heard that the newer meds like Genvoya and Atripla  are not available thus preventing me from emigrating there. Has anybody heard anything different"? and are they available from the National Health system that I understand you can 'buy' into.

You can only affiliate with CAJA, the socialized healthcare system if you are a legal resident of Costa Rica. This can take a year or more, in the meantime you will have to purchase your meds 'over the counter'. I have no idea whether they are available here, and even if they are 'in the country' CAJA may not supply them.

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