Study in Cameroon

Study in Cameroon
Updated 2015-01-06 11:35

Do you wish to complete your higher studies in Cameroon? Find out, in this article, how to proceed.

Although it is not as popular as many other countries, Cameroon remains an option for students wishing to study abroad. In fact, the country has many universities and other higher education institutions which welcome thousands of local and foreign students every year. Hence, you have nothing to worry about, whether you are about to move or you have already settled there. But you are advised to inquire on its education system beforehand and make sure that you are eligible to register for courses offered.

Higher education system

Cameroon's higher education is controlled both by public and private sectors. In fact, you will also find many public universities, State recognized universities, as well as private higher education institutes which are not recognized by the State.

Thus, you can find a State university in almost every major Cameroonian city, namely in Buea, Douala, Dschang, Ngaoundere, Maroua and Bamenda.

Yaoundé hosts two state universities. Each of these includes post-secondary institutions which provide academic training and research. You will also find a National Polytechnic School in Yaoundé, a higher technical training school in Douala and high school in Maroua.


It is important for foreign students to plan their budget before going to study in Cameroon in terms of university registration and course fees, accommodation, health insurance, etc. If you have not benefited from student accommodation, you will need between CFA 15,000 and CFA 500,000 per month to pay rent.

Note that subscription to an expat health insurance prior to moving is compulsory. This should provide the following benefits: coverage of health-related expenses in Cameroon, repatriation in case of lack of health care services in Cameroon, as well as legal assistance if need be.


To register with a Cameroonian university, you will not only have to produce your academic record but also obtain a student visa at the Cameroonian embassy or consulate in your home country. Documents to be produced to apply for a student visa are the following:

  • a duly filled and signed visa application formalities
  • a passport-size identity photo
  • a passport with a minimum one year validity
  • your university or training registration letter (approved by Cameroonian authorities)
  • a medical certificate
  • fees that apply (usually between CFA 67,600 and CFA 270,000).

Mali, Chad, Central African Republic and Nigeria nationals are exempt from the visa requirement.

However, the registration deadline differs from the one which applied to Cameroonian students. You are therefore advised to check in advance if your application has been received and make sure to receive an answer at the earliest. You can have more information on the different universities' websites. A small guide may also be available for foreign students.

Student accommodation

To obtain student accommodation, you are advised to contact the local branch of the special student housing brigade which will put you in touch with owners.

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