Accommodation in Cameroon

Accommodation in Cameroon
Updated 2015-01-05 12:36

How to find accommodation in Cameroon? What are the options and rent prices? Here are some answers to your queries.

If you are moving to Cameroon, finding accommodation will be one of your priorities. Unlike in other countries, you are less likely to find a wide range of accommodation options in Cameroon. However, you can still find residential buildings, apartments and houses. These can be furnished or unfurnished. Room renting is also available in some regions, but this is a less common practice in the country.

Room sharing

Room sharing is still less widespread in Cameroon, although it is possible in some regions, mainly with foreigners. Over the years, however, couch-surfing has managed to be accepted to some extent. So if you wish to opt for room or flat sharing in Cameroon, it is best to negotiate with foreigners living there. For this, expatriate forums and networking can be an ideal tool.


If you prefer to rent an apartment or a house in Cameroon, you will generally be bound by a lease contract between you and the owner. The lease contract contains details regarding the lease such as the rent price, the lease terms and duration, as well as an inventory of immovable property which can be found on the spot, etc.

In many cases, owners do not bother about establishing a lease contract. Thus, you will not be eligible to any damage or cost in case of breach of contract or expulsion from the premises. Hence, you are advised to insist on establishing a lease contract with the owner so as to avoid any conflict further.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Cameroon vary between CFA 180,000 and CFA 350,000 per month for furnished accommodation. These, of course, vary according to the type of accommodation, number of rooms and level of comfort. If you wish to rent an apartment, rent price can reach up to a million CFA. Moreover, rent prices may also vary according to additional options offered by the owner.

Find accommodation

Word of mouth remains one of the easiest ways of finding accommodation in Cameroon, especially if you are already on the spot or if you have friends or contacts in the country. But if you are looking for long term accommodation, you are advised to seek the help of a real estate agency.

You may as well view housing offers on the Internet or check classified ads in local newspapers.

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