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Accommodation in Yaoundé
Updated 2015-01-05 12:17

What is the best way of finding accommodation in Yaoundé? What about rent prices? Find out in this article.

Yaoundé is an ideal destination for expatriation due to its economic activities and geographical position. In fact, Cameroon's capital city has been attracting foreigners from across the globe for a few years. Businessmen and young professionals have chosen to settle there so as to benefit from its natural resources and other facilities. Hence, Yaoundé also provides long and short term accommodation to suit all needs. You shall not have much trouble in finding appropriate housing, whether you have decided to relocate there alone or with your family.

Types of accommodation

You can choose among different types of accommodation options in Yaoundé according to your needs: apartments, studios, smalls rooms, houses, etc. Note that there is no particularly safe or appropriate neighborhood in Yaoundé as it is, above all, a major tourist region. However, its tourist identity may have a considerable impact on rent prices in some neighborhoods. Thus, is it best to compare offers before deciding which one would better suit your needs.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Yaoundé generally vary according to the different neighborhoods, the number of rooms and the comfort level. Hence, you will need an average of CFA 400,000 per month to rent a single-bedroom apartment in the city center and an average of CFA 220,000 for the same type of housing in the outskirts.

To rent a three-bedroom apartment, you will need an average of CFA 330,000 in the outskirts and some CFA 550,000 in the city center.

Find accommodation

You can start your accommodation search right from your home country thanks to the Internet. Indeed, you will find many general and specialized real estate websites which can give you a better idea of the types of accommodation and rent prices available in Yaoundé.

If you are already on the spot, you can either view classified ads in local newspapers or register with a real estate agency to have more chances of finding accommodation according to your criteria.

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