accommodation search

Hello everyone,
I will be moving to Douala Cameroon on the 23rd December 2014. I am in urgent need of a permanent accommodation close to the city center. Any help?
Thank you.

how much is your budget for the accomodation ?

Thanks for your concern. I need just a room for a single person.
My search criteria are:
*Monthly rent between 10.000 frs and 15.000 frs including all charges
*close to the city center
*Accessible by car
*At most 5 months of caution
Can you be of help?
Thanks again

Sorry but it is impossible to find an accomodation near the city center and even far from the city center at this price.

Ok thank you.

So what is the estimate for a single unfurnished room in Douala?

It depends on the area, you have to know that accomodations near the city center are more expensive than the one far from the coty center.
The estimate budget for an accomodation (1 bedroom + bath room + kitchen + parlour) 50.000frs - 150.000frs
Charges most of the time are not included

Thank you so much for the information.

I now have first hand information about accommodation in Douala.

Do you have any real estate agents that i can contact?


No. but if you do search on google you will surely find some
You are welcome  :)

HI? Which country are coming from? Have ever been in douala before?