Cameroon job: SNH ( Société Nationale Hydrocardures)

My husband has been offered a job in Cameroon by a construction company called Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH)
I think that if something seems too good to be true,so I need a help.. Im wondering if anyone knows of the Company/work, or if anyone else is actually out there working for this company??
Any advice or information

I found that job here:
and here:
so I got a 1st mail:


Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH)

SNH's construction company in Cameroon focus on large commercial, institutional, industrial, and civil construction projects. As Cameroon's largest construction contractor, the organization also offers construction services for smaller, unique special projects. As construction leaders, SNH employees demonstrate a commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability. This commitment positively differentiates SNH from competitors.
Creating a safe and healthy work environment is a part of SNH's dynamic culture. The value of safety at SNH is instilled in everything it does through a guiding principle. SNH will not compromise the health and safety of its people. SNH employees look out for each other with a goal of zero incidents
SNH's quality management program has been formulated to ensure a commitment to quality is apparent to all employees, clients, design partners, and trade contractors
What binds people together, regardless of jobs or personal characteristics, is a shared set of core values: honesty, integrity, respect, passion, and the development of a dynamic culture where everyone can learn, teach, improve, and add value for clients.

Mr A. P.
Thanks for your mail once more and the company board is overwhelmed with your determination, persons like you are highly needed in this workforce; Being part of SNH means something. SNH is about employee ownership, diversity, and collaboration. At SNH, you are more than just an employee. You are a member of the SNH family of construction companies.The company is open to offer you a two years starting contract upon its expiration you can extend if you find SNH the real ideal place to continue expanding your career and experiencing  different challenges and parts of the world in numerous projects under SNH.

To head the security team of 35 security personels. You shall organize prepare and present technical information to people with varying backgrounds. To strengthen security initiatives as the chief security head, you shall also be the public spokesperson for all information security-related company issues. you shall maintains good channels of communication and support across various departments. perform tasks related to risk assessment, crisis management, personnel safety and the company facility security.

Projects . 
        -- Yaounde  center Region Project of 120 social Housing project Cameroon
-- Douala Economic capital Project of 500 social housing in gestation.
--King Akwa's Building is a federal government office building, Demolition & Seismic Upgrades.
--(Industrial construction) CNRL Horizon Oil Sands Project, Primary Upgrading Units. Cameroon Natural Resources Limited initiated the Horizon Oil Sands project to facilitate the production of 115,000 barrels per day of synthetic crude oil. The project included the development of the mining operation

        2 Years upon extention:

   SNH Wages. As Head Security Officer.
--Hours of work-----------------45 to 55 per week
--Averaging hours of work-------45 per week
!!Extra Hours.................$60 Per hour to be paid in cash upon calculation
--Inclement weather-------------30 hours per week
--Working Hours------------- 8am to 5pm
--- Break Period-------------- 2hours daily
--Working days--------------- Mondays to Fridays
--Cross border allowance--------$1200 
  Fixed Monthly wages------------------- $4,400
  Total Monthly pay --------------------$5,600

Benefits offered by SNH to all employees both newly recruited and those already in service.

 1)  The company will provide and send you a plane ticket .
2) the company will provide you with a work transport, from home to work and back daily.
3) the company will provide you with a first class free medical health care (on site here in the Cameroon)
4) the company will provide you with a base of 24 days of paid leave once a year.
5) the company provides you with 1 paid holidays every year back home.
6) the company will provide you with a schooling tuition coverage for your children below 18 years of age here in the united states.

1) Cameroon Work permit, the company does not provide this Work permit, It will be prepared by the NICO HALLE & Co. LAW FIRM at your expenses after you have sign your contract and provided the necessary requirements as it will be requested by the law firm.

2) The company Does not provides Accommodation to any foreign employee, you are responsible for your accommodation expenses in the provided address by the government for foreign workers under good security and protection .

  Report back to us immediately for further proceedings if you are clear with everything as explain above ?

Thanks for your understanding
Best Regards

National Hydrocarbons Corporation (SNH)
Adolphe Moudiki, General Manager
P.O. Box 955 Yaounde, Cameroon
Tel.: (237) 690093950 or 656518064
Fax: (237) 2220-9861

and 2nd:


Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH)

Mr A. P.,
Thanks once more for your mail, to give you tips about Cameroon. Cameroon is a very very peaceful country with a stable Economy and a Democratic politcal landscape, Cameroon is known as Africa in Miniature due to its diversity. You shall live peacefully, There are many Neigbouhoods build by the government with good security systems only for foreign Employees who are working and living in Cameroon with their Families, The complete security system contract in all this quaters is headed by the UK Manned Guarding Services.
Regards to Accommodation,You are responsible for the cost of your Accommodation, Accommodation cost includes Electricity, Water, Internet, Telephone Bill, Washing machine and Security system guard. In the provided constructed residential quaters by the government for foreign employees, prices ranges from 200 euros for studios and more for apartments or single family homes so the choice should be yours. Rent can be paid monthly that will be an agreement between you and the firm incharge. Yes offcourse deposit is required either a months rent or two or more... that will depends on the occupant.

The company provides 2 square meals daily to all employees, a food credit card is provided to all foreign employees monthly.

Work permit is processed by a lawfirm or the company Arttorney. work permit is paid annualy 230 euros.

6 dates will be provided for you to choose the exact date at your convinient  to travel and resume duties after your work permit visa has been released and your plane ticket will be paid with your departure from a provided airport by you. upon your arrival, the company representative will be expecting you at the airpport to take you to your home and the rest will continue from there. Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH) is a Cameroon OIL and GAS corporation with it newly created construction branch in Civil and industrial construction projects based in  Cameroon with other construction partners in Africa.

LawFirm Requirements.
1. A certified photocopy of your Identification card.

2. Sign and sealed contract
3.  A certified photocopy of  aquired certificate or diploma obtain, your photograph must be attach to each certified copy and full details.
4. A certified photocopy of a medical health certificate dated not less than 3months old and your photograph must be attached to it. excatly the test you should make are (tuberculosis, syphilis, VIH and blood test )
5. Your 2 passport size Photographs 

If you are clear then report for further proceedings to start the processing of your contract.

Thanks for your understanding
Best Regards

National Hydrocarbons Corporation (SNH)
Adolphe Moudiki, General Manager
P.O. Box 955 Yaounde, Cameroon
Tel.: (237) 690093950 or 656518064
Fax: (237) 2220-9861

scam or not?

definitely sounds like a scam !

:(  ok,thanks..

"1) Cameroon Work permit, the company does not provide this Work permit, It will be prepared by the NICO HALLE & Co. LAW FIRM at your expenses after you have sign your contract and provided the necessary requirements as it will be requested by the law firm."

that's the point of the Scam

you will have st to pay for work visa and I believe it the key point of the scaming process

I why processing a visa by a law firm????
it should be processed from your local cameroon ambassy

in my country there is no embassy of Cameroon so I contacted the Hungarian Consulate in Douala
waiting for their response,otherwise I received another email from the alleged company
I still have not asked for money but they say that currently make contract

SNH represents the interests of Cameroon government in the area of oil and gas. Their website is:

The same :

Thanks for your Enquiry,  Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH) is a national oil and gas company with it newly created construction branch in Civil and industrial construction based in  Cameroon with other branches in Africa, due to the shortage of  skilled personel in our ongoing projects inCameroon, we have stretched to look for skilled  persons in Europe who are ready for an immediate relocation to live and work in Cameroon for a minimum period of 2 years working under Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH) in Massive Civil and Residential construction projects, Writing from our branch office in Yaounde Cameroon where your CV is treated. We have gone through your CV and we are very very impressed and motivated. The company is highly in need to hire skilled personels, with your Carpentry skills and years of experience in many different sectors needed in the company in constructing, repairing, and  installing etc  , SNH construction company  with your experienced  is interested in your services and we shall be open to hire your services right away to guide and support the company's local workforce in our ongoing Industrial , commercial and Residential construction projects here in Cameroon to give you a stable carreer with SNH as a construction Carpenter, If you are interested for this challenges, then report back  for further treatment vai our provided email address below if interested to work abroad in Africa (Cameroon).

  Thanks for your corporation

   Best Regards

Recruitment Director
[Do not share any contact number or private information on the forum]

Are you wriying from Africa or Romania?Visa s can t send by email because every visa have a mark,passports are sending by FedEx to some embassy or consulate.

Hello friends! I'm in Romania now. So I can receive the Cameroon visa by post? Should I pass trough a law company in Yaounde and pay 230 euros for work permit?

Best regards,
Mihail Vasilachi

SNH is far from a construction company. It's oil and gas as stated in the acronym "hydrocarbon"
I doubt the GM, Adolphe Moudiki, would be send any such letter instead of HR. U never said what job your husband was offered. Petro chem engineer, upstream down stream analyst etc the replies refers to hourly week e.g. Driver why would SNH not use a local hire for that level of unskilled job. I am actually confused about y the embassy in your originating state does not deal with work visa issues, ours does, why would Halle Law Firm be processing work visas on behalf of the immigration services for cameroon? Hmmmmmm, you'd better contact your embassy in Yaounde and find out what you need.

I have had an offer from snh as a site manager,  they have responded, and are preparing a contract.
I would be interested to know whether this an actual job offer or a scam.
I have also googled  adolphe moudiki which say he is the director general of snh, this is why I might be thinking this is a scam, why would a politician be talking about a job, and why is his email address a gmail and not an snh address.
If you can I would appreciate answers to these queries.
many thanks in advance
Robin Hughes

Hi Bobhughes,

Don't even bother about this, its scam.
As you said, why the director general is going to talk about a job to you and why he would choose you and not others around him.
Even for my small company i use a company email address so imagine for a big company as snh.
Its good you haven't felt in and get rip off.

Take care,

Many thanks for your reply, I think I will play along with this for a while,  play them at their game,and I will carry on looking for a posting

I am Cameroonian, living in England. that is  a scam. please donot send money.
SNH is the National Hyddrocarbon Society of Cameroon and not a construction company.

check their website here

No worries about that.SNH is a very good compagny.they are profetionnal .if they are the one who contacted you directly,do not be afraid they have good salaries.the question is are you ready to move to cameroon??

this is a scam



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its scam

Hello everyone,

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Thank you to all participants.

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