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Cameroon offers various internship opportunities to young foreign students and professionals. Here are some tips to guide you through your search.

Internships abroad are quite common for university students. Young professionals also seek international opportunities so as to enrich their career experience. Some of them turn to African countries like Cameroon so as to discover a completely different professional culture. In fact, Cameroon offers various internship prospects to foreigners worldwide. Banks and other financial institutions, for instance, recruit trainees during holidays. One of these is the International Savings and Credit Bank of Cameroon which is very open to trainees.

However, you are advised to seek all relevant information before undertaking related procedures. Some sectors may not be accessible to foreigners. Then, you can turn to NGOs.


Doing an internship in Cameroon can be a very enriching experience, both from the humanitarian and cultural point of view. In fact, you will not only be able to learn a new business and professional culture amidst locals but also discover a new lifestyle and living standards. But these will eventually vary from one city to another. Hence, take your time to make appropriate planning.

Find an internship

Finding an internship in Cameroon can be a quite tedious task. In fact, many students complain about having difficulties to find remunerated and non-remunerated internship opportunities or professional experience in the country. However, big firms, banks or other popular companies such as telephone and internet service providers, water supply authorities, etc., often advertise internship offers on their websites. You are therefore advised to start your internship search on the internet. But you can also view offers on specialized job and internship websites.

Internship visa

You are required to obtain an internship visa before setting out to Cameroon for your training. You can apply for the internship visa at the Cameroonian embassy or consulate in your home country by producing the following documents:

  • a duly filled and signed visa application form
  • a passport-size identity photo
  • a passport with a minimum one year validity
  • your training agreement which has been approved by Cameroonian authorities
  • a medical certificate
  • fees applied (between CFA 67,600 and CFA 270,000).

Note that Mali, Chad, Central African Republic and Nigeria nationals are exempt from the visa requirement.

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