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Do you wish to work and settle in Cameroon? Find out in this article how to proceed.

Cameroon is becoming an increasingly interesting destination for expatriates worldwide. Many of them have already settled in the country, not only to enjoy its different lifestyle and environment but also to benefit of its promising economy. In fact, the country hosts many foreign companies which have chosen to set up there especially for cheap labor. However, the local labor market requires foreign expertise in many fields. Hence, you can try your luck in finding a job there if you feel you have the right profile.

You are however advised to take the time to inquire on the local labor market, on the cost of living in the country as well as on labor conditions before proceeding.


Cameroon's economy is mainly based on the services sector which makes the greatest contribution to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In fact, the services sector employs nearly 29% of the total workforce, including the telecommunications, tourism, forestry and agricultural fields. As regards the primary sector, it made a 20% contribution to the country's GDP in 2013, with 61% of the total workforce.

Moreover, the petroleum field is nowadays one of the country's main economic pillars, followed by the cultivation and production of cocoa, coffee, bananas, tobacco, rubber, cotton, etc.


To be authorized to work in Cameroon, you should first obtain a work visa. Documents to be produced to apply for the visa are the following:

  • a letter from your employer stating your mission or the nature of your job in Cameroon
  • the employment contract as approved by the Ministry of Labor of Cameroon
  • your return tickets
  • proof of vaccination against yellow fever.

The visa should be issued within two months.

Labor conditions

A legal working week in Cameroon consists of 40 working hours for all sectors, except for agriculture where the working week consists of 48 hours.

Retirement age is set at 60 years.

Employment contracts are not only supported by the labor law and collective agreements but also supplemented by company agreements and negotiations between employers and employees. Terms are generally firm. However, hiring and firing terms remain quite flexible.

The minimum wage in Cameroon is set at CFA 36,270, which is equal to 55 euros. As regards the average salary, it amounts to some 80 euros.

Social contributions, for their part, are paid by employers at a rate of 16.2%. The payroll tax is paid by employees at a rate of 2.8%.


All workers and professionals residing in Cameroon have to pay income tax during the fiscal year starting as at the 1st January to end on the 31st of December. Income tax rates, including for expatriates, range between 10% and 35%. Those earning more than CFA 5 million per year will have to pay income tax at a rate of 35%.

Note that income tax can be paid in cash, by check if the amount exceeds CFA 200,000 or even by bank or E-transfer.


Tax returns have to be submitted to the nearest tax office to your place of residence not later than the 31st of March of each year.

Find a job

Finding a job in Cameroon may not be as easy as it seems. Foreigners are hired according to certain criteria, particularly in terms of skills. In fact, you are more likely to be hired if you have qualifications and skills which are lacking or not available in the country. Hence, it is best to start your job search well in advance, from your home country, so that you can better be aware of Cameroon's labor requirements. Internet will be your greatest tool as you can find many specialized job websites.

You can also send spontaneous job applications to the numerous foreign companies which have been set up across the country. These often advertise existing vacancies on their websites. You may as well view job offers in classified ads in local newspapers if you are already on the spot.

On the other hand, networking and word out mouth may help if you have contacts in the country. Otherwise, you can still register with a recruitment agency to have more chances of finding a job according to your profile.

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