Working in Douala

Work in Douala
Updated 2015-01-06 10:27

Are foreigners likely to be hired in Douala? If so, in which fields? Find out in this article.

Being Cameroon's most active city, Douala offers various career prospects to foreigners. In fact, Douala is known to be the country's biggest business center, particularly due to its port and many important companies which have been set up there over the years. Hence, you are more likely to be hired in Douala than in Yaoundé, the capital city.

However, you are advised to inquire beforehand on the local labor market and on its requirements so as to determine if you have the right profile to apply for a job there.


Some 80% of Cameroon's economic and industrial activities take place in Douala. The city's economy is mainly based on its port which is the Central African Economic Community's and the country's main port.

Moreover, Douala's economical activities have been diversified thanks to the secondary and tertiary sectors, as well as the numerous companies which have been set up there. Many of these are involved in the import-export fields. Industry is equally important, especially due to the presence of huge factories in the city's outskirts.

Find a job

Foreigners in Douala are more likely to be hired in the fields of finance, health care, trade and education. There are many career prospects in these particular fields in Douala. But you can also identify a few major companies to which you can send spontaneous job applications. You might be lucky, who knows? Note that you can find these companies' addresses and websites in the local business directories.

You can also view job offers on the Internet and in classified ads in local newspapers if you are already on the spot.

Note that word of mouth is considered to be a useful tool in Douala, especially if you have friends or contacts there?

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