Job offer to work in Douala from a company called SMCC

Hi! I am Mahmoud currently working in Bahrain and a newbie in this forum.

I have a job offer to work in Douala from a company called SMCC (Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co Ltd). However, I became suspicious when I was asked to send "a proof showing that you have successfully made reservations for a place to stay in Cameroon for at least one month (booking it and paying for it)". Apparently, this proof of accommodation is a requirement for the application of residence permit. They are recommended to stay at Ambang Hotel Residence   Douala.

Please help me confirm if this company SMCC is legit (in Cameroon) as well as the requirement for accommodation.

There is no such requirement for a resident permit for Cameroon. I can tell you this that it's a scam. How did you come about the job? If the job is real, then you have the right to make your own accommodation arrangements. I am British born living in London but have parents currently living in Cameroon and I frequently travel to Cameroon every 3 months. I am extremely familiar with the immigration law and work permits as well as resident permits requirements. This is not the right way. Message me if you are still troubled and will explain what I do.
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i get offer from company called Sichuan Road & Bridge Group Co Ltd  which have project in Douala , Cameeron and told me that i should have a location with 1 month payement and send with passport and document employee to take a visa for going to cameeron for work
plz give me your advise .

These offers are all SCAMS.

Absolutely true. Writing from Cameroon

That's right

Do your research, think strategically and ask yourself if it is too easy or too good. You will then start putting the dots together by and come to a conclusion. If struggling, contact me directly and will do the digging for you. My on the ground connections in terms of vetting is impressive as per feedback from other connections.

Rule number one

If they ask for money it is a scam

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