Traveling to Cameroon with your pet

Traveling to Cameroon with your pet
Updated 2015-01-06 11:07

Foreigners traveling to Cameroon can bring their pet along provided they comply with certain regulations. Find out more in this article.

Nowadays, pets are commonly part of expatriation projects abroad. So if you are moving to Cameroon, traveling with your pet should not be a major issue. Like most countries, Cameroonian authorities have set up a series of measures regarding pet import. However, administrative procedures are rather simple and you should not have much trouble in complying with them.


The only documents to be produced for pet import in Cameroon are the following:

  • an international veterinary passport
  • an antirabies certificate (having been issued more a month and less than one year before the scheduled travel date)
  • your pet's veterinary health certificate.

Note that your pet should either wear an identification tattoo or an electronic identification microchip. It should also be vaccinated against diseases such as hepatitis, distemper and parvovirus.

On its arrival in Cameroon, your pet will be inspected by the health inspectorate accompanied by a licensed veterinarian. Fees applied have to be settled at the Customs Department.

Pet transport

As regards your pet's transport, travel rates and conditions will vary according to the airline company you have chosen. You are therefore advised to inquire with them beforehand so as to avoid any confusion.


Your pet is not likely to be quarantined if all its travel and health documents are in order.

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