Lifestyle in Cameroon

Lifestyle in Cameroon
Updated 2015-01-05 11:12

Before moving to Cameroon, is it best to have an idea of the local environment and on its inhabitants lifestyle. Find out more in this article.

Cameroon's population is a mixture of some 250 ethnic groups sharing many thousand years old cultures and traditions. This is why the country has been attracting foreigners from across the globe year after years. Expatriates wishing to move there will not only be able to enjoy a huge folk environment and atmosphere but also discover a new and interesting lifestyle.

Culture and traditions

The local culture emerged from the numerous ethnic groups, but is has also been influenced by the French and British cultures. In fact, the country hosts some 250 ethnic groups, as well as hundreds of traditional kingdoms. Each of these groups has its own dialect, but in general, Cameroonian nationals are fluent in French and English.

The Cameroonian population also gives much importance to sacred traditions. In fact, religions are observed through many traditional practices. Moreover, each of these 250 tribes, as well as sub-tribes, has its own practices, principles and dialects.

Finally, Cameroon has adopted several traditions from other African countries. This is why it is considered to be a "mini-Africa".

Meals and local food

Cameroonian food is one of Africa's finest cuisines. Each region has its own culinary traditions. Thus, do not expect the same dish in Douala and in Yaoundé. The same applies to the Eastern and Western regions of the country. This diversity is mostly attributed to the various ingredients available in different regions. One of the common factors is the fact that local fruits and vegetables are used in large quantities in all the dishes, just like fish such as sole, bar and captain.

Moreover, Cameroonian nationals are likely to eat all day long. Most restaurants welcome customers at any time of the day. You will also find small taverns and restaurants offering Western menus. Some hotels, parks and other tourist attraction sites also host a small restaurant or bar where you can eat Western meals.


Weaving, wrought iron, embroidery, basketry and pottery are highly valued in Cameroon. Indeed, most of the local population is particularly involved in craft works. Each type of craft is very well appreciated and widespread in most of the country. Hence, craft is no more considered to be a rural practice.


One of the key aspects of Cameroonian nationals is the fact that they are quite money-minded. Most of them are fond of tips and bargaining. Indeed, they like to receive small tips, especially from wealthy people. Some coins, or even a bank note, can determine the quality of service or help provided.

The same applies to markets where haggling is a common practice. However, this is not possible in shops and hypermarkets where prices are fixed.


Most Cameroonian nationals are football fans. One of their favorite activities is to organize football matches and gatherings. You are likely to enjoy these once you are on the spot.

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