Food in Cameroon

Updated 2010-03-08 07:47

South West Province(S.W.P.) is another one of the two English speaking provinces in the Republic of Cameroon. The head quarter of S.W.P. is Buea. Some of the biggest towns in S.W.P. include Buea (the town of 'I was' ), Kumba (popularly called K-town), Limbe (the town of life), Mutengene, Tiko, Muyuka, Manfe and Bafia.

The two seasons in Cameroon, which are the dry and the raining seasons favourable the growth of crops in the S.W.P. in accordance with its high level of soil fertility.Due to these potential factors, farmers used little or no fertilizer to grow their crops in this region. This however, makes food supply to be abundant. In 2002-2003, when the government of Cameroon blocked the exportation of food to Gabon to be more specific, most farmers in the villages of Marumba 1, Kombone, Ekombe, etc( all in the town of Kumba ) abandoned their farm produce in the farm. Some took their to the market, but they were not opportune to sell them because they were only few buyers in the market. This prompted farmers to used farm produce like cassavas, bananas, pears and many others to feed their pigs.

South West and North West Province are the only two provinces out of the ten(10) provinces in Cameroon which supply the country with sufficient agricultural produce. They supply about 80% of the agricultural produce used and exported to different regions of the world.

Students in the town of Buea, Kumba, Tiko, Bamenda etc ( in the N.W.P and S.W.P.) usually used 500frs to 600frs to prepared food that can last them for over two days. But this is not possible in others big towns like Yaounde (Central Province), Douala Littoral Province), Dschang(Western Province) etc. If we talk of abundant food in Cameroon, we talk of the two provinces mentioned above.

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