Ndjinteh corporation job offer

Hi I have been offered a job in NDJINTEH CORPORATION,
BOULEVARD DE LA LIBERTE, DOUALA, LT REGION, CAMEROON. They say they are constructing a hydroelectric plant can anyone advise me if this is happening or it is a scam.

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May be if you can give us some more information, this could help us to check.

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hi,i don't speak englush very well,but  i'd like to know if the company Ndjinteh corporation  is one company real or a scam they senr me a contract of employment duoala asking for proof housing with mambuh agency who asked me upfront $500  as advance for visa give an entry to duola,what can I do send money i have requested. Thank you.

This sounds strange to me,
you have to pay 500§ for some kinda of visa ? generally it works the other way round.
I think you should tell them to cut this 500 § out of your first salary , if they don't agree that will probably be a scam.


Never heard about a reliable company asking money from future employee.
It's typically scam, any serious company will pay for you if iterested by you.
You can be sure if you send money that there will be "problems" for the visa, for the housing .. and they will try to ask you more and after they will dissapear ...  Don't loose your money and look for serious companies.


hi. i am a Cameroonian. to the best of my knowledge i know that no hydroelectric plant is currently been constructed in the whole of Cameroon and none of this plan plant has been constructed in the recent past. only a single hydroelectric plant is in the pipe-line which will start in 2016. this project was given to a British base company and it has not even started. no company base in Cameroon is involved in hydroelectric plant construction. i believe it is a scam.

theo only hydro power plant is lom pangar which is constructed by the chinese.so i can tell u 100% it is a scam