Health Care in Cameroon

Updated 2012-06-01 09:48

Health Care is easily available in big cities in Cameroon. In Douala, for instance, there are pediatricians for kids and appointments are usually taken the same day or the same week. Dr. Pouansi of Clinique des Palmiers in Bonapriso, for instance, comes home for an extra 10,000 CFA. For vaccination, one has to buy the vaccination at the pharmacy.  If they do not have it, they can order it from France by plane. It usually comes within one week. 

There are competent gynecologists, including Dr. Brulé in Bonapriso who is a French doctor.

I recommend Policlinique Bonanjo for all kind of medical needs. If you have to be admitted to a clinic, it is the place to be. I usually visit Dr. Bhassoun, a Lebanese doctor. Even though he is not a pediatrician, he has seen enough problems to be able to deal with them quickly. My daughter used to vomit all the time when she was nursing and I took her to 3 specialists in Canada. When I visited Dr. Bhassoun, he readily gave me the same diagnostic as a specialist gave me in canada. I would recommend him without any hesitation. I find it easier to visit a doctor in Douala than in Canada since I usually have an appointment within one hour in Douala.

Of course, Cameroon does not have the same technology as in the West. Therefore, for any complications it is better to get an appointment in your home country. Nevertheless, doctors in expat clinics in Cameroon are competent and will tell you what you should do in such circumstances.

Blood sample is usually analyzed in Cameroon, unless they are looking for something specific for which they do not have the technology. In these circumstances, they send the blood sample to France.

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