The skills that could help you move abroad in 2019

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Published last month

Is 2019 the year you walk the walk and finally decide on the big move abroad? Finding a job opportunity abroad remains one of the easiest ways to move. So, if you want to bag yourself a whole new life this year, you should first know where your skills could take you. What are the hottest jobs around the world? Are you eligible? Let's find out.



Healthcare jobs are, undeniably, one of the most in-demand around the globe. From registered nurses and personal health aid to medical practitioners- most countries in the world have trouble filling in these positions.

Registered nurses: If you have completed all your training and would not mind a change of air - the world is your oyster. According to Career Addict, a registered nurse could earn up to $ 62, 695 in the US and £ 23, 556 in the UK. Specialised nurses, such as geriatric nurses or operating room nurses are also in very high demand. Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada are some of the countries where nurses are needed:

Medical Practitioners: If you are a doctor, chances are it should not be too hard for you to find a job abroad. A medical practitioner earns, on average, $ 140, 234 in the US and £ 50, 843 in the UK. In several countries like the US, the UK or Australia, very specific medical practitioners appear on the skills shortage list for which individuals are granted work permits. For example, in Australia, surgeons, neurologists, oncologists are cardiologists are in high demand and in Canada, dentists and psychiatrists are in high demand.



In this digital era, the industry around the world is forever asking for more tech experts. Software engineers, developers, cybersecurity specialists- these jobs appear on mostly all skills shortage lists. It is difficult to enumerate the different hot positions with regards to the tech sector, but software engineers seem to be the most omnipresent.

According to Career Addict, software developers were in high demand in 24 countries across the world in 2018, especially in countries like the UK, the US and Japan. And it doesn't look like the demand for software developers will die out soon. The position that can earn you, on average, $ 69, 583 in the US and £ 30, 675 in the UK still appears on several skills shortage lists in the US, the UK, Canada, Japan, China or Australia.

Other skills tech jobs that are highly sought-after include IT Data analysts, web developers and cybersecurity specialists.

Manual work


With interest in manual work like plumbers, carpenters and welders on the decline, these positions increasingly figure on priority lists of industrialised countries. In the UK, for example, high integrity pipe welders get priority access to work permits. In Canada, plumbers, welders, carpenters, cabinetmakers, fishermen and women, bricklayers amongst others are all eligible for Express Entry, and the same jobs are also in high demand in Australia.

Research and Development

research and development

According to Hays Specialist Recruitment, several sectors suffer skills shortages in Research and Development. This is supported by the featuring, on several shortage lists, of researchers and research assistants. In Canada, researchers in natural and applied policy researchers, economic policy researchers and social policy researchers are all in high demand. Research and development managers are also highly sought after in Australia.


civil engineering

Can't go wrong with engineering. Electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, etc. - these jobs figure on the list of the ten most in-demand jobs around the world according to CareerAddict for 2018, and it does not seem to be much different this year. Engineering jobs appear on several skills shortage lists around the world. From civil engineering to much more specialised engineering jobs like petroleum engineering in high demand in Australia or geo-environmental engineering which figures on the skills shortage list in the UK. In the UK, an expat engineer can earn on average £ 29, 012 a year.

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