Best destinations for your life and career in 2019

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Published last month

The end of the year is an exciting opportunity to assess your career and all that you've done in the past few months and to take new decisions regarding your future. Moving abroad, whether for work, studies or setting up a business, might be one of those decisions. Here's an insight into some cities around the world where you can make the most of a range of opportunities according to a study by Movinga.


Boston, USA

Located in Massachusetts, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the USA. Beyond its ancient architecture, Boston is a rapidly growing city as evidenced by its economic prosperity. With more than 3.6 million inhabitants, Boston boasts a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of $ 84,732. The city is especially renowned for its prestigious universities like Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). However, there's much more to Boston that you have ever imagined. Its booming entrepreneurial ecosystem makes its one of the world's top destinations for launching a start-up. Moreover, jobs are abundant in Boston both for men and women and the youth. Women, for their part, are entitled to a healthy and respectful environment where their rights are guaranteed.


Munich, Germany
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Munich is a city where you will not find it hard to adapt thanks to its cosmopolitan population of 3.6 million. The capital of Bavaria is especially renowned for its centuries-old architecture, museums, as well as its immense cultural wealth, including many festivals and events taking place all year round. Munich caters for the needs of each and everyone, whether you're planning to study, work or set up a business. The unemployment rate is also very low compared to other major European cities. There are a lot of career opportunities for both men and women, and the youth, in various fields. You will recall that Munich is considered Germany's financial, cultural and scientific hub. The city is also home to the head offices of major companies specialising in the media, automotive, aerospace and insurance, so finding a job there is quite easy.


Calgary, Canada

Interspersed with skyscrapers, Calgary was once the heart of the petroleum industry in Canada. Today, Calgary stands as one of the country's most promising and prosperous cities thanks to its economic dynamism with a per capita GDP of $ 68,086. With a population of 1.4 million, Calgary is a cosmopolitan city that appeals to expats for many reasons. Jobs are plentiful in a wide range of fields for foreign professionals, both men and women. Calgary also provides an excellent standard of living, mainly thanks to its efficient government and institutions. The unemployment rate in Calgary remains low compared to other major Canadian cities. Besides, the city has an excellent and affordable health care system which contributes to enhancing the quality of life. On the other hand, Calgary is very committed to women's freedom and equality in all spheres of society.


Hamburg, Germany

Aside from being a port city, Hamburg is full of opportunities in a wide range of fields for both men and women, including young professionals. As one of the leading industrial hubs in Germany, Hamburg mainly specialises in mechanical engineering, chemical production, publishing and breweries. With trade and finance as major pillars, the tertiary sector has grown significantly in recent years and is today one of the largest job providers in the region. If you're still hesitant to move to Hamburg, attractive wages might motivate you further, provided you have the required talents. With more than 3 million inhabitants, Hamburg has a GDP per capita of $ 52,749. It's also worth noting that Hamburg improved significantly in recent years regarding freedom, rights, equality and opportunities for women.


Stuttgart, Germany
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Cradle of the German automobile industry, Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg and one of the country's largest cities with nearly 2 million inhabitants. The city does have a lush green and provincial look but remains a major economic hub. Today, Stuttgart can boast a GDP per capita of $ 55,541 while providing a good standard of living to its inhabitants. While the unemployment rate remains low, professional opportunities for foreign professionals, including the youth, are growing. As a culturally diverse city, Stuttgart is also a place where you won't find it hard to adapt. Many parks, botanical gardens, zoos and other attractions make it an attractive city to expand your social network.


London, UK

In spite of Brexit uncertainties, London is one of the world's most attractive destinations and a great place to launch a start-up in. Indeed, the British capital city has a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem with opportunities in various fields. The cost of living in London is high, but you will enjoy its cultural diversity, world-class universities if you're looking to study, and the development of new economic pillars like artificial intelligence (AI) and medical technology if you're looking to work or set up a business there. That said, jobs are plentiful for men and women in a competitive environment. With 12.4 million inhabitants and a per capita GDP of $ 54,383, London remains one of Europe's leading economic powers. Besides, UK's National Healthcare Service (NHS) provides quality universal health care.