Regular Expat blog meet up

hi red, I'm returning to Malta in November and I was hoping you could send me a private msg. I do not know how. lol  I would like to ask you a few questions about Gozo.  Thanks,Mary

sadly redmik is no longer frequenting the forums , i suggest if you have questions about gozo you start a new post and the lovely goziations will come and offer you advice

Hey I live in Sliema right now .. Where are you going ? I'll definitely meet up

sorry I just saw this now, had a change of plans and we are meeting tomorrow night around 6ish...I'm not sure yet where but will post tomorrow where and when we will be amd if anyone is about they can come along! x

We have drinks on Friday (9/10) in Sliema if anyone wants to come along

Hey yeah we might, where and when? X

8pm onwards, Central Park Bar/Lounge in Park Hotel (Graham Street)

Ok, thanks hopefully see you tonight x

There are 2 bars, go through the one with red chairs to the one with sofas &  pool table ;-)

got caught up round at a friends. but one of these times will make it! xx

Living in M'Scala with my wife and baby! I'd love to join the group when I finally find work. Need baby friends for the little un

Where in Sliema? I will join! :)

Hi adi9626, myself and my wife also just moved to Marsascala, been here a week now, no children with us for your little one tho, if you fancy meeting up, we going down to lemon and lime tomorrow to watch rugby final. Can pm me if interested it's j.black5 on blog

Feel free to PM me for future events, next Friday is in Valletta

I live in Maesaskala, so if. However if i Can be a bit of help for those who are new to the place, do not hesitate to contact me! Regards and enjoy your stay here!

Hi. I've just arrive to Malta. I would like to meet people here. Please let me know if you are still organizing mettings.

HI Colombianocall
See 'Christmas drinks' thread by Andrew. We're planning to meet up next Saturday. :)

Thanks Nange.

Anyone wants to meet up? Meet new people?

Il be relocating over on the first week of Jan, il be up for beers! :)

I'm expecting to come out to Malta late January on own, so would also like to meet up for a beer

I'm moving next week to Malta! 😊 hope to meet some of you soon.

on my second month in malta, and getting bored already, if you would like to meet up for a drink or two and have a nice intellectual conversation, simply contact me.... cheerio!

Alright folks! I'm arriving in Malta tonight, so I'm basically free for a few need whenever :)

check out the events page on here  (under Community tab)

Hello! One week ago i knew that my kids id cards were refused. And they didnt tell me the reason, and i steel didn't receive the refusing letter. But in december i am and my husband received the id cards. I dont understand how they can refused id cards for kids, because the are our dependent. My kids only 4 and 1,8 years old. Maybe someone know what i can do? And can i aply again after refusing as a family member?

You’ll meet a stimulating, friendly mix, in age, sex, backgrounds and motivation for being here. These global travellers remember well their first trepid steps in a new country, so know you’ll find a warm welcome and a source of ‘local knowledge’ and perhaps even make new lifetime friends.

Gatherings are organised on a regular/irregular basis to meet old and new friends alike, drinks, dinners, walks, cycling, skiing, etc, - we’re always open for new ideas.

The emphasis being on FUN, friendship, activities and knowledge resource!

We'd like to hear about the type of activities and events you'd like to get involved with? Could be just as simple as a pub quiz, a river picnic, or a great venue you'd like to share with the group, host a BBQ or dinner (paid for and organised by participating members)

Hi guys,
I have put this on the event page but will add it here too so that no one misses it.
There is a book club starting up this week in Casey's bar in Gzira. For those of you who are interested it will start at 8.30, it's the first one so we will be choosing a book and taking requests for ones to be read. A sort of meet and greet if you like.
It will be very relaxed and a good way to meet up over a shared interest and have a glass of wine!
If you can't make this one, no worries they will be the first Wed of every month, so we have a chance to read the book. I will put the book choice up on the Casey's Facebook page to keep you updated and you can always join us for the next one.
Hope to see some of you there.

Sounds interesting :)

But for those of us who have never been to, what exactly is a  book club and what do we do there?



So basically, a book will be chosen, you read it and then meet 4 weeks (ish) later to discuss with others what you thought.

As I said it will be chilled and you don't have to be a book worm or a genius to come along! It's more about meeting people and exploring different types of books and relaxing with a drink!

Sounds different.

Il be sure to join the next one :)

Cool. Check the Casey's Facebook page there are lots of different events and it will be updated for bookclub. :)

Without trying to sound like a total numpty, is Casey a person or a general FB page? lol

Sorry I should have been more clear! 😂 Casey's is a bar in Gzira. 👍🏽


i was wrong with both.....

Cheers Nicola

Hey expatters!

New to the island been here a month with my partner. Bored as hell. Anyone looking to meet for a coffee or something, holla.

we moved here 3 weeks ago so happy to meet up for coffee chat we are in Bugibba.

Dave & Michelle

am keen

Hello All,
Anyone is organising something this summer 2017?

From my side i will be promoting the ministry of sound coming on july 15th 20417 at GIANPULA.

if anyone interested for tickets pls get back to me. I will try get group discounts.



lapurpa :

ciao a tutti,
mi chiamo antonella e incontri tra di mi vorrei trasferire a malta anche solo per 5/6 mesi per frequentare una scuola di inglese nel frattempo trovare un lavoretto che mi permetta di mantenermi..qualcuno mi sa dare delle dritte?...sto cercando anche casa magari da condividere con altre persone..Grazie a tutti e buona birra.

English is the language on here, you are then more likely to get a reply.

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