Regular Expat blog meet up


Quando ezatamente hai il plano da venire?


All posts need to be in english.


when will you come to malta?

hey pal!

whats the event called?

When this event?

Any fellow Scots out there fancy wathcing the Scotland V England game at the Scotsman?

Hi all.

Just got a ticking off by the forum police for posting in the wrong post!!


I just moved to malta a week ago and am looking to meet new people, I'm from uk.

If there are any meet ups soon I would love to participate.

Hope to hear from y'all soon!

try Facebook and, more active than here in all honesty

Hi hoping to be an expat next year lol....were over in October and it would be nice to meet for a beer and a chat with a few of you ,pick your brains about your experience in moving and work etc.

Cheers phil

J-Lawson ,hello sent me a message but all I'm getting is page 404 not found! If you can msg me here great,I must be doing something wrong
Thanks phil

Hi everyone,

@OllyOlly, it is possible that this account has been deleted and that's why a 404 page not found error shows up.


Hi,maybe but I got the message same day as I posted gowd knows lol


Hi all

Any meet ups soon would be great to meet people here and to get some valuable advice. Arrived today so as newcomers go  I am as pure and innocent as a ................... (fill in the gap as you see fit)

Is there any meeting soon?

huh? i don't know what you're talking about, I think you got the wrong person

Yes, would love to, only here for a week organising things before I move over, when and where please.
Regards, John

Hi everyone ! :)

We are a young, french couple and we arrived in Malta two weeks ago, as part of a linguistic stay. We live in Sliema in a cute flat with our flatmates (an english guy and a french one).

We are currently looking for a job but this post is not about that, but about our desire to meet new people, make new relationships, new friends :)

Indeed, apart our roommates, who are very nice though, we don't know many people on the island and we would really like to get to know new people to share some good times, such as strolling, chatting, having a drink or else other cool stuff ... :))

Oh, one last thing, as french people in Malta for a linguistic stay, we are looking primarily for English speaking people, but not only of course ;)

Feel free to contact us and hoping meet you soon !

Amélie & Matthias

Is there a chance of this happening now?

Hi Bryan.

Yes we can meet soon if you want. Where are you in Malta ?

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