Tourist Visa to US

Good Evening All,

I have been running around asking all my friends who have dealt with the American Embassy in Cairo and have been running into dead ends.

I am a US and Egyptian citizen and my husband is an Egyptian citizen. I have been in Egypt for almost a year now and would like to visit my family in the states. I would like for my husband to get a tourist visa since it'll be a short visit (2 weeks) then returning to Egypt. I've called the embassy to ask what should I do for his visa if I should prove to the embassy that I am married (since I got married the Islamic way with my Egyptian citizenship) then apply for his B2 visa. The embassy was not much help either telling me to just go on their website for information.

After searching a little bit on the internet, I have seen some people saying that he should not mention that he is even married to a US citizen since this seems a little fishy that he may have the intent of immigrating illegally.  Other people say that this shouldn't be an issue mentioning the marriage during his interview since either way he would be eligible sooner or later for immigration. Either way we are not planning to live in the states since we are both enjoying our lives here and have steady jobs.

We are leaning towards him being honest and telling them that we are married but I am worried he may be rejected because of the reason mentioned above. We don't want to be lying either and saying we are not married since I feel this isn't right. I would really want to visit my family.

Has anyone ever been in this situation? If so, please tell me about your experience with the embassy.

hi cmhatab,
I applied for US B2 visa and have been travelled to US,i think the officer works in US embassy he is nice and helpful,i just told him i want travel and shopping in USA,so got the visa very easy,most important thing i think should prove you dont want to stay in the USA and will back on time, just answering all his questions easy and dont forget smile to him always~ :D
Good luck!

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