American with expired visa marrying and Egyptian

Hi. I'm trying to understand the process of marrying an Egyptian when my visa is expired. We plan to get married anyways, but I'm wondering if this will help me with my visa renewal. I've been trying to get my visa extended and I'm running into some issues. My fiancé is spending A TON of money on our new home and I need my money to pay for my visa and survive until I start my job. I need my visa to be able to work at this new job. So since we are planning marriage anyways (but we're going to have to wait due to the cost), I'm wondering if it would make sense to just get married and use my visa money for the papers instead of trying to deal with this pain in the ass tourist visa extension. Does anyone know what happens with visa renewal if you are married to an Egyptian? I'm trying to figure out what makes the most sense money wise. Thanks in advance for any help on this

you need a valid visa to marry........and to get a visa

you will have to leave and come back just go any place close

and return same day  you will have to pay 1,200

for breaking your vise.. at the air port

the laws all changed on March 1 2017

and your new visa at the

airport is only for 30 days now

my friend is married to an Egyptian and let her visa laps

she had to go and come back in one day

as soon as you come back get married and apply for the 4 year visa

cost I think she said 2,900 or 3,900 not sure which

but no worrying for 4 years

you need a lawyer to marry now and to record it with the government

you no longer need permission from the American Embassy to get married

Sisi said so new one needs permission to marry an Egyptian

good luck need a lawyer I know a good one speaks English and Arabic

and easy to get an Egyptian passport and ID after you are married

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