How to renew visa in Mogamma Tahrir

Hello everybody, Egyptians and expats, who are living in Egypt especially in Cairo.
Some time ago i already made a post about making and renewing visa, so i back again with the same issue, problems in getting visa.... Unfortunately, long term renewing failed...
People, i would like to ask, does anyone here has very strong connections in Mogamma Tahrir, who will be able to, lets say, fix my issue.

Thank you in advance for your help and advises.

I can help ...let me see what can I do for u....just contact me .. OK....have a good time

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how can you help???
are they still giving 3 month visas at the airport?

Egypt is discouraging long term stays

Dear laady24, there are alot of different ways to get visa, not only in airport, and btw when you buy visa in airport validation period is only 1 month.

you just must know the ways how to make it... … efault.htm

I usually get 3 months been in Egypt since 2008.
But will be careful when I return this time
Thank you for the information

You are welcome:)
i think this already several years, before they made it 2 months, then 1 month and 14 days without penalty on the border, not rules become more strict and they made it only 1 month!
every year sth in visa system changing....

to discourage you to leave as so many have left

maybe this will be my last trip I will say good by to all my friends and family
and find another country more friendlier
America is not an option
will be to sad but might become an necessity to peaceful life
and I will cry

but I am a single female doctor and do much good their but

so we will see when I return

I love Egypt to much

Dear Laady24, wish you  best of luck!
But still before taking very serious decision, there should be hard thinking...
anyway best of luck!

Hi Olga, i've been coming and going from Egypt for the past 2 years and everytime i come i get a visa from the airport. I have a British passport. The airport visas are 1 month yes, but in mogamaa you can extend it as a tourist visa and they give you 3 months FOR FREE. You jut have to pay around 10 Egyptian pounds for tax stickers on paperwork and you're all set. Hope this helps.

No, it doesnt help already, i think since long time its only 1 month even in mogamma tahrir, cos its tourist visa....

Really? Have you stayed here more than 6 months? because i've been doing it for the past 2 years now and i don't exceed the 3 months i just spend a month or 2. In about 2 weeks my 1 month will be up so i'll check it out and let you know

yea its one year...well actually i had half year business visa, and half year renewing visas in mogamma and didnt leave the country

I know a lady that helped me 5 times but in today's time

I do not think they dare to help....she did not help me after

giving me a year visa every year for 5 years

now you have to see security and they make the decision now not the visa place

so you need to know the police security....and that is hard they called me several times

but still no visa

hello, i was there renewing my tourist visa this week-after renewing twice already i didnt think i would get another visa but i did-it cost me 250 LE though. I put an extra reason for staying as well as 'tourist' so maybe that helped. Also, someone who worked there introduced me to her 'son' and said he wanted to talk to me. Turned out they werent related but both worked there. He said he could get me a resident visa etc if i could help him and i think he was hoping we could marry (!) i didnt get involved with this but i have his number if you like!

Dear Enise, thank you so much for you reply and concern))
no no i dnt want also to be involved in this))
Thank you so much!

make a friend ....
Egyptian people very nice if you help them in any way they will help you....
and I do not mean marriage.....
just keep a friend you never know when one is needed......

Dear Laady24, i have really alot of quite good Egyptian friends, but unfortunately none of them able to help  me with this issue))

this one might....keep in touch....

my lady friend in Luxor always gave me one year

until the new rules and is looking for a way

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send you information personal to my account thank you

Hi everybody,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

I will but contact me
..thank you

hi i need visa for egypt you can help me for visa working wher is start for visa working
thanks and you jalal miyahi iran city sheraz my cail *

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Hello , do you know any contact in Mogamma Tahrir

Dear Lorain,
unfortunately i dnt know anyone there...
Im also searching...

Wish I am leaving tomorrow and have to pay 1,500 fine because all visas from the airport were cancelled March 1 2017 and I did not know so when I went on the 5 of March they said I had to leave the country how I live in Egypt my visa good till the 20 of March again no it was up on March 1 2017 go          so now I leave, pay fine and come back.

I know people that work there one was a supervisor and could not help

can not even be bribed so I guess they are to afraid of the government

I suggest you live there 10 years and apply for citizenship

marry a man if you are female....own a business or own a flat

still so difficult to get a visa for more than 6 months

sorry I have the same problem but have been doing this for 11 years

for some reason they do not give me a problem any more

I come and go no visa and no one bothers me

guess they are used to me or something

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