Toys for children daughter in Amman

Hi I am looking for toys for my 2 year old daughter.

IS it easy to find in Amman? Is it easily affordable?

Thanks for your answers

Try "hamleys" in city mall also there is a big store next to Barakah Mall. The toys are a bit pricy but you will find many good options.
Good luck!

Tryout "Champions" @ Abdoun Circle , they have pretty cool/unique stuff for all ages

There are Branches of Mothercare, Early learning canter (ELC) and quite a few other well known toy shops spread around Jordan, I know there's a Mothercare shop situated in the City mall and also one in Mecca mall. There is Hamleys toy shop here too.( which is fine if your a millionaire). Avoid a lot of the smaller shops that sell cheap tacky toys that will fall to pieces. Also Cosmo and Safeway have a decent toy section at reasonable prices.

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