Indian Food - cost of food for one month?

Dear All,

             My name is Sree and i am an Indian. I am planning to move to Amman where i got a job. I would like to know is there any hotels or restaurants in Amman wherein i can get good Indian Food for cheap and best price. Also i would like to know the cost for Food for a month when i have Indian Foods. Please help me in this by giving me informations.


Welcome on board to this site and welcome in Jordan once you landed here.

Some large stores sells Indian food but they are expensive.
All things which are imported are expensive due high custom taxes.

So I advise you, if possible, to bring as much as you can your own stock for spices etcetera to cook your own meal.

I cant give you any information where are Indian restaurants, what you can do is go to and search.
Hopefully you get some results what you're looking for.

Happy searching!

Unlike The Gulf Countries, Jordan don't have large number of Indian expats. Hence, Indian food would be considered exotic and little expensive.

I agree that you better bring your spices along but, with all due respect, mind the smelly stuff. That may not be welcomed in the country.

Hello,  Hope all is well! Does anyone know any Indian markets/shops in Amman? Im interested in buy turmeric root Fresh/raw/ Maybe someone is coming from India to Amman, and would be interested to bring some for me?

Have a great day!

Fresh turmeric root are available in the little spice shops every where.

Really ! Me and a few of my friends have been looking for so long, and couldnt find! In Kabatilo, in donw town, other shops... would you recommend a shop to look at?

Don't know the street name in down town but if you stand in front of the main post office you go to the right upwards the hill.
You past a tiny corner sandwich store " snack 22" (which have very delicious sandwiches).
After around 200 meters you'll see a spice shop on your right.  There you can buy turmeric roots.

After some research the street name where you have to walk into calls Al Kabreeti

here you have a link with a map: … 055656c20f

Good luck!

Thank you tons !

Also you can try out Tandoori Oven in Abdoun (behind the US Embassy)

Al Mankal Chicken Tikka

cheep and it is OK

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