Sewing materials (Clothing fabrics/ Materials)

Hello, I am looking for a place where i can buy fabrics for clothing in Amman. I have  visited a few fabric shops but they seem to have only curtain materials and not clothing.
Thanks in advance

Hello, Head to the big mosque, Face the gate and take left. On King Talal Street, you'll find many fabric shops there. My friend has one, actually two and speaks good English...
You're welcome later.

I also find that the fabric shops only stock curtain fabrics and are way too over priced and not really that good of a quality. I have mine sent over from a fabric mill in the UK at a good price, it normally costs  £12 for 5 meters of fabric and £13,50 to have it shipped over, I have seen a lot of fabric shops in the down town area although have never ventured into them as I was usually just passing through that area.

Surely in the down town

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