Availability of Indian food in Jordan

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My parents are currently living in India, and they are moving to Jordan soon. By end-December.

They had one question which pertains to the availability of whole wheat in Amman. Is it easily available at supermarkets or anywhere else? (Carrefour, Safeway, CTown?)

Indian food requres whole wheat for flour to make roti/chappati. Alternatively is whole wheat flour readily available? (No blend of other grains...just whole wheat).

If anybody knows, do let me know!


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I am Vijay, and Indian living in Amman from last 7 months. Atta (Wheat Flour)which good for Chapatis is available here in Amman. It is called Kabatilo Wheat Flour and you can get it in Safeway (Airport Road, Near 7th Circle).

I hope this will be of some help to you and your parents.

Dr. Vijay

Heyy and welcome to Jordan :)

  Dont worry about what you looking for here u will found anything you need in COZMO and around safeway too im a BIG Fan of Indian food and i think i can recommend to you wher is the best indian food served

                        Have a nice stay Doc

@ Dr. Vijay
Thanks for the information. I have passed it along to my parents. Hope you don't mind if I ask any more questions later on :)

Thanks as well! Where is COZMO by the way? My parents tried out the Indian place at City Mall, I think and they weren't too impressed at all.

I'm going there myself for the first 3 weeks of April. Very very excited!!!!!!

Any more recommendations, where they can find "Indian" groceries would be greatly appreciated!



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If only for the Flour u looking for,last night i saw in a Grocery store in second circle or u can also found them in Either Spinneys TAJ Mall ( Owh,i love Spinneys as they are very well organized and friendly employees) u can easily found the stuffs you looking for there,,,,as the racksare well organized too,try to go down there Good Luck :)

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Hi Anujpoonam,

Welcome aboard, are you Singaporean? Anyway, just would like to add that you should bring your favourite spices from back home when you come here. Not that you can't find some of the basic spices but they might not taste the same or perhaps they might cost a little bit more. I am in Amman form some 6 years now and I must say that some things in Amman are just as expensive or perhaps more than in Singapore. It can be quite mundane for kids especially because unlike Singapore, there aren't many playgrounds/ parks or recreational places in Amman. Nonetheless, I wish you good luck :)

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Hello kiran patel -> Can you please introduce yourself? How can we guide you? :)

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Yes, u can find it.... But quite too expensive when compared to real product value.
U can save more money buying it from the local market, or even if u need large quantities you can buy whole wheat grains and mole then in the market.
If you feel its not worth it, then u can find it in big malls like Safeway, 7th cirvle and in cozmo.

Hi. Ill be moving to zarqa in September. Are there indians working in zarqa? Which places are usually preferred to live by expats in zarqa?

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