Teaching salary and benefits with ADVETI

They never even mentioned it.  Even when I got initial offer. I guess I skimmed over the role as I didn't expect a change.  After joining fb group.  I don't know what made me think to go back and look and was so surprised to see it said teacher not teacher trainer. I was so looking forward to the job role.
Strangely.  Just last week the agent told me about rewards of I recommended more people for the post.  Why would they still recruit if the job isn't available.
My friend told me the same thing happened to her with ADEC.  She wanted months.  Then when she enquired they said the position never existed so I guess it's the norm.

Yeah I guess this type of thing is expected when working in the middle east. Btw I cant get into that Facebook group I searched nothing comes up. Do you have a link?

No. Another member kindly invited me

So you took the change in job role in your stride?

I think it's a private group that's why it can't be found

Yeah it made no difference to the package so am ok with that.

So how do I get someone to invite me. I would really like to get to know some of the people and gain some insight.

You add them on fb. Then they invite u

The work is very different though?

Hello All

I received the final offer today, two months after my initial offer.

I really don't know where to start?

I've completed all the HR forms which I now have to email back. I made a rough guess of what my date of arrival could be considering that I have to give 1 month notice at my current work place.

How do I proceed further from here? Do I have to give my current employer notice to quit straight away or am I required to further wait until the visa is confirmed looking at the time scale from the first offer to the second?

The offer doesn't say when they are expecting me to begin work. I am expected to be at Al Shahama but nothing has been said about where I will be accommodated upon arrival?

I believe I will be Grade 7+ so I have no clue whether there'll be any luxuries arranged for me upon my arrival or if I have to arrange my things in place before my arrival.

Also, what about my commute to place of work from my accommodation during the initial couple of weeks?

Any advice from those who have been through all this or anyone else who is in the same boat; please if you could share your experiences it would be very helpful.


Did they tell you your placement location as I thought it was not known until arrival?

Yes, they told me about that during the interview. Also, they confirmed me the same in the final offer. What is your current status Umme?

Waiting on visa

When did you interview

Nice to know Umme. Well then you are nearly there Good luck! How long it took for you from final offer to on going waiting time for visa? Do you think I have to wait until the visa is finalized before I write notice to quit?

I was interviewed on 23/05/2015 in London and the 2nd one on Skype.


Wow what took so long
Signed final offer about  a week ago

I have no idea why this gone very slow. However, this time was very helpful weather to consider the move or not.

Congrats! for your final offer, hope you are happy with that. Please keep updating your status here upon any change. Which institute/emirate you are going to?

Hi Teachernaz,

You're looking at a fairly tight budget with the numbers you described, if you are going to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. With the other places, it is certainly do-able.

If your husband has a Master's degree, then it is not too difficult to get a teaching role - certificates are highly prized documents in this part of the world (whether one is 'fit-for-purpose' or not).

In the private sector, getting a sales/ marketing job would depend on his experience and ability to convince the prospective employer. Since you are going to be on the Residence Visa, employers favourably view a spouse (they save on accom and holiday travel costs).

With two salaries coming in, you are definitely on a winning wicket! Hope that helps.

Check the age at which they will pay school fees on your contract. Living off one salary with 2 children will be ok but it is very expensive to live out here. Your main problem will be finding suitable accommodation taking the children's needs into consideration as it is very expensive to rent a 2 bedroom apartment and even more expensive for a villa. The teacher housing allowance really does not cover living in a villa out here unless you live right out of the city of Abu Dhabi. Rents are much more affordable in the other Emirates but having said that Abu Dhabi comes out tops for the city people prefer to live in or near.

Hi Tranquility

What you are up to? Did you moved to UAE/joined ADVETI and having a good time? Any advise is highly appreciated specifically about attestation of documents and anything else.


Hi, I've applied to Adveti for a maths position. Can anyone tell me about the written test they give, will it include AS and A2 level questions? Is it difficult?

The salary now offered is approx £56 k, (no visa, no accommodation). I really love teaching, but I must admit, I'm doing this for the money (I really need it right now for my family), bearing that in mind, are the extra hours still worth it?

Would really appreciate some advice.


Hi Miriam,
You ave raised some interesting points. For the most, none of your domestic students would be able to get through an AS or A2 maths paper - hence everything would be watered down for them. Those who actually want to go ahead would attend private schooling. As a result, I am unable to comment on what level of Maths your interviewers are looking for.
If you are only looking to move for the money, it is a long and hard period ahead. you would have to make compromises/ sacrifices at many levels: emotional, ethical, social are a few biggies.
On the other hand, if you are looking to enhance your perspective of why others do things differently in that pert of the world and genuinely appreciate their perspective, you would really enjoy yourself. Others around you would also enjoy your company and want you to stay on... the shoes you wear no longer pinch.
If you and your partner both work, then it makes life just that more comfortable.
Hope this helps.


Thank you for your post. Is ADEC and ADVETI the same as the MOE project recruiting teachers 2016-2107?

As the MOE only give 42 days holiday a year. I was shocked at this as this is way below normal teaching holidays in the UK and US. Normally 12 to 13 weeks per year.

Why is this?

Kind regards

Hello Jaydelmaroma.

May I ask I am meant to be starting an English teaching role with the MOE in Jan 2017. Do you work the MOE or ADEC? Is it the same thing?

Can you give me any helpful tips and advice, this would be great. I am concerned about how HR and management don't seem to be as organised as I am use to in the UK.

Are there enough support structures in place for teachers from senior management?

Kind regards

Hello Teacher

I am in the process of obtaining a job in the UAE more specifically in the Institute of Applied Technology. At first I was very excited about the offer and eager to attend the Interview. But all my effort are in vain when I have read some comments from expatriates from the UAE and those having worked at the IAT.

If you have any information regarding the IAT or anybody you may know please share it with me before I have some disastrous adventure there.

Thank you beforehand.
my email add is *


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Did you take up the job with the MOE? how are you finding it and where are you based?


Which IAS will you be based?
There are sites in AD Sharjha Ajman and Rak

Also which post?

Any one applied and received offer for Life skills instructor? ( interviewed Feb 217 Manchester uk)

I got a place for Al Ain, Physics teacher

Can anyone who has been with Al Reef Institute of Logistics and Applied Technology for the past one year, please share your experience here?  Thanks.


When do you start?

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