AED 80,000 per month (All Inclusive) ... Family of 4 moving from UK!


I have an offer of AED 80,000 per month all inclusive package. We are a family of 4 , including two kids 6 & 11. Employer will pay whole lump sum of 80k per month hence need to get accomodation, education, flighs etc by ourselves. On top of the salary is health insurance for whole famiy, mobilisation tickets only and end of job benefits.

Is 80k per month all inclusie enough to live a good and comfortable life in AD and save some £££?

My calculations are:

Accomodation: 240,000 per year for a villa (3-4 bed) = 20,000 per month
Education: 60,000 per child per year = 10,000 per month for 2 kids
Living expenses (bills, groceries, food, transport) = 10,000 per month (enough?)

Total expense approx 40k per month.
Saving  of around 40k per month = £8,500 per month (more than the net salary per month in Uk)

Sound a good deal but appreciate if experts can shed some light and i case i am missing any major point/issue?


If your saving 40k dhs per month that's a really good salary. In general a decent spending family of five spends about 3-7k dhs on electricity bills and monthly expenses.

It costs us 3500dhs for a family of 5. And a comfortable living.

Its a good offer, I suggest you to take it.
expect most monthly expenses to be lower than this.

Yeah I agree. It's a great offer. But you can save more money depending on a few decisions such as a 3 bedroom apartment rather than a villa which will save you alot and still accommodate your requirements

It's a great offer. But you can save more money depending on a few decisions such as a 3 bedroom apartment rather than a villa which will save you alot and still fulfill  your requirements

Also consider your car/car expenses, weekend expenses (entertainment), etc.  They will likely eat up a considerable portion of your 40k projected savings.

thats true , even with the added transportation expenses, and other leisure costs.  he will still have a considerable amount in his monthly savings. and just is savings in general is more than what he is currently earning.

Goog salary go ahead and good luck

you should be find however, your calculation for school is probably low if you want UK school

Once you pass probation you should buy a home in Al Reef or similar rather than renting.

Did you took up the offer?  We are in the same boat, would like to know if you and your family can cope with living cost and most importantly keeping money for savings

Living costs are extremely high here.  For a family you are looking at approx. 20000 rent per month.  School costs approx. 70k per year per child in a good school.

Hi Erdoc,

to be realistic your %50 saving goal will not end up as you have planned. If you can save monthly %20-35 you are star my friend :)

Why do I say so?

*I will give you examples from our points. I and my wife earning in a month 50k which is good income still and have a 9 months baby. In the early beginings, you are getting used to settle and  your budget will ping to due mobilization and settlement. ( 2-3 months you will miss %50 target )

* After your arrival, you will be amazed by prospertity of God in UAE and your rich neighbours bruch, Barbeque Grills and afternoon tea&yatch days. At first, you will take a socializing but later on it will be a gap in your wallet.

*Family spendings will be over then you have calculated due to your neighbours bentley is parked next to your car that will push you to buy a 4x4 or nice maserati :P or your wife wants to join personal pottery class with the circle :)

*At last, I didnt experience yet but as I know from my friends, kids are in challenge and school is not only cost of 'SCHOOL'. they will be more demanding and costy living. His/her schoolmate might be a case of royal family member and after his/her participation of their birthday party where he/she can see a small zoo in their garden, their expectations and demandings will be changed.

For sure, with 80k you will save more than your homeland, thus is the case we all in Dubai if we are not escape from our motherlands.

my personal guess for your first year will be ; 300k annual saving. if you do that amount or more you are already succesfull ;)

I have lived here 18 years and this formula has worked for us.


Did you end up taking the position?

I'm a locum GP in the UK, just came across this website. Wondering what the market is like for GP's from the UK to work in UAE and what type of packages are on offer. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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