offered a position with Etihad Airlines

Salam everyone. I have been applying to a few posting s with Emirates and Etihad airlines.

this morning I received a call from the HR manager from Etihad airways about a Logistics Manager position.

we discussed for 40 minutes and would like to move the application to the next stage. they are offering a compensation package of 25,000 AED gross. I would like to negotiate the salary and benefits with them and am wondering how to proceed.

I am a Canadian Cotizen living in Toronto Canada working full time with a large retailer as a senior manager with $100k CDN salary plus bonus and benefits.

the compensation being offered is along the same lines of what I am making today; I would like to negotiate the package and wondering how to proceed and what else to ask for.

the 25,000 AED being offered includes housing and general allowance. there were some perks that were discussed (discounted flights for family/friends etc)

no comments? please do comment!

Hello im_ibi

So as to get an idea of the Salary package you may ask compared to cost of living, please check out threads in our section : Cost of living in Abu Dhabi.

There are several threads talking about Salary issues there.


Hi im_ibi,
Etihad airways is one of the best airlines in the world and the life in Abu Dhabi is very nice but i advice you to negotiate about the salary and other benefits.
Good Luck  :top:

Thank you Mohamed M N i will be looking at negotiations after my call with them in the next few days. i will update then!

Is this an M1 or an O2 position? If its an O2 I would definitely negotiate for an M1 as the housing allowance is much higher.

Hello im_ibi,

I have been applying to ey airlines for the past one year. Am a qualified 'travel consultant'. Until today no luck. Did you just apply online or did you forward your resume through contacts? Any online exam was conducted? Could you give me any tips on how you got through?

Thanks & regards,


a small suggestion, just make 100% sure that the call was from Etihad, as Etihad HR Manager will rarely give calls to new joiners, for such process they have a huge Team of Hr Representatives, and they always communicate via official email addresses.  rest the package looks fine.


yes it was EY HR dept that contacted me first by phone, then by mail.  first call lasted an hour, then a few emails exchanged and asked to do online assessments.  afterwards i was asked for a video interview which also lasted an hour that I did the other day - it went well.  i applied directly from EY - setup a profile, uploaded resume and applied for the role that matched my skillset.  patiently awaiting next steps.

If you have more than 10 years experience then that salary is low. The rent in AD is ridiculously high, you should negotiate to increase accommodation allowance indeed.

Did you end up taking the position with Etihad? If so, I have a few questions.

I assume you work for Etihad.

I've just been offered a role with Etihad in Abu Dhabi. The offer includes a joining bonus/relocation allowance of AED20K, which is then deducted from my salary each month over three years.

Thus, the AED20K is fully repayable.

Is this the latest cost cutting measure from Etihad in light of their poor performance?

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