30,000 Dirham enough for family of 4?

Hi, my husband has been offered a job in Abu Dabi for 30,000 Dirham per month. We live a very comfortable life in SA but want to move due to Crime and so on.  We have 2 little girls ages 9 and 7. Our altimate goal would be to end up in New Zealand, however we dont have any job offers from there nore do we have the R300k to get into the country.  The plan would be to go to Abu Dabi for 2 or so years, save money and then go to New Zealand. We are terrified of making a bad move. My husband is 46 and I'm 36. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Dear Leen ...
30 K AED is good salary . but you need to keep on mind the following fact :
You need to rent at least 2 BD apartment which cost (average 90 K/ Year = 7.5 K/month)
Girls school will cost (in American community school around 60 K for 2 kids = 5 K /month ) you can get cheaper price but not a lot .
Life in AD is not Expensive related to food and other staff.
so as summery 30 K / month is a good salary . but if you share more details about other offer details i could help better .
wish you a safe trip .

Thank you. He has a second interview tomorrow afternoon. I have encouraged him to negotiate housing, medical and schooling support. If he doesn't get that, I worry that we may make a mistake moving over.  I am hoping to find a Job as well, however I get the impression that this may be a challenge for woman?

Wish him a great luck in this ...
Challenging to a women .. no its not . am married here . and i can till you easily i feel safe here more than most of the countries i lived in . its great country to live in . rights and rules applied to all . rules are based on equality between male and female .
Medical insurance is a must by government so they cannot escape from . most of the companies give schools (partially ) just housing he need to do some effort on . if you could advice on which field or is it private or gov . may i can give some advise on this .
good luck

This salary is very good and enough for 4 persons, but make sure that they will pay you the accommodation for you too

The 30,000 is doable.............I am not sure how much money you will save over the two years you are in the UAE. You might want to keep in mind car rental. For a family of four you will need a pretty good size car to travel with the two children. Depending on where your husband will work and the commute distance to and from work, you might be able to get away with one car. Best of luck.

Thank you so much

I believe it is a good salary you can save around 10k per month

wonderful, thanks so much

Hi Leanne. I just recently moved to Fujairah. The cost of living here is much lower. I believe your biggest expenses would be accom. and kids school fees. The medical insurance will be provided by the company. My company gives me an allowance for both kids school fees and accommodation. If he can squeeze them for that, you should do great with that salary. Also remember that outings here cost a lot more than they do back home. I also moved because of the current state of SA. It's very safe in UAE. Takes some getting used to, but it grows on you.

Hello, thank you.  We are really excited and looking forward to the change. We find out next week after he flies there.  Then we have to find schools and oh so much but very exciting :)

Change is good, please remember life is an adventure, we must be glad to experience it with our loved ones.  :)

believe me there are expats leaving their families back in their home and being miserable.

uae is safest and most suitable place for women and families, you will be good here, dont worry.

wish you best of luck and happiness.

Thank you, I am sure we will love it. 
You are right, life is an adventure and we must grab and embrace opportunities...

You are most welcome.

if you need any support, do not hesitate to ask, we will be happy to help  :)

Hey LeeAnne. Any Dhabi is great. There are loads of South Africans there. The heat takes some getting used to. You'll meet lots of beautiful people though. All the best. Safe travels.

Thank you, I am so excited

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