Teaching salary and benefits with ADVETI


I have just recieved an intial offer from ADVETI and was wondering if it will be enough.
I will be coming to the UAE (don't know which school yet), with my husband and 2 children (aged 4 and 1).
Can someone tell me if the following is enough to live on.

-The basic pay will be 12977 AED per month.
- Rent 9280 AED per month
- Medical insurance for the whole family.
- Annual flights home.
- 80000 AED annual school fess both children combined.
- 20000 AED relocation fee

Also how difficult will it be for my husband to get a job. He has a MAsters degree in Marketing from the UK.

Many thanks

Hi, I currently work there.  That is an average salary here.  Please bear in mind that your kids will NOT benefit from the education allowance (80,000AED).  Check your contract and see the age limit from when they will pay (i think it might be 5 year up). Your kids may be little young. You will be out of pocket about 20K for child care for the 4yo if you decide to put him in nursery.

What will you be teaching?

Thanks for replying
My son will be 5 by the time we go there. So we will get the school fees for him.
I'll be teaching Maths. They haven't yet placed me in a school.

How difficult is it for the husband to get a job? I heard that he won't be allowed to get a job under my visa, but can get a work visa through the employer.


With the right qualifications and experience, he should be able to find a job easily (depending what his standards are).
You can survive easily on your salary until he finds a job.  I know people who work in adveti whom their spouse works under the husbands visa (unless they have changed the rules... happens often here).

From what I've read, the wife can work under the husbands visa, but not the other way round. I'll need to check up on that.

Thank you for your response.

I received the same offer on Monday as well.
For a science teacher. Were you at the interview at the Marriott London?

I would like to know what it is like working for ADVETI?

I am on the same boat, got initial offer and i havent heard anything since a month and half

They have ashes for my reference twice which I have sent.

This is what I was offer AED 13,486.00/- Basic per month salary
AED 9,280.00/- Housing Allowance per month.
Annual Travel Allowance:
Travel Allowance for the employee and one eligible dependent,
You are entitled to 42 (Forty Two) calendar days of annual leave distributed
End of Service Benefit
Everything else is the same that you two have!!!

what is the salary range for Indian teachers in GEMS in IGCSE curricula??
Early response is appreciable

I've been working for ADVETI for the past 2 years and although my school is good, colleagues are great I have to say that the holidays 42 calendar days (counting the weekends too!) are the lowest in the country for teachers. Plus SAPET Saturdays are mandatory, unpaid and no time back in lieu. If this was made clear to me from the onset then maybe I wouldn't have regretted my initial decision to take the job.
You get to save whatever housing you don't spend, so that's an added bonus, the higher rate if 9k is for Abu Dhabi/Al Ain only.
The teaching salary 12-13 depending on whether you have a Masters or not.
I love living in the UAE and Plan to stay here with my family for many years to come inshallah.
Be patient as the information you would expect is slow (usual here) be flexible, open minded and ready to earn the lifestyle that's on offer. Good luck to those who will join in August.

I work at ADVETI and thought I'd share a few pointers with you.

There are two major employers out here for schools. ADEC and ADVETI.

AVETI will gave everyone the same salary approx 12-13,000 basic with around 9,500 for housing or 11,500 if you're married. Children's education allowance is 80,000 if they are aged 5yrs or above.

ADEC will give you a much higher starting salary starting from 15,000 at least going up to around 19,000. However, they do not give you housing allowance, rather they give you accomodation, which to be fair is actually quite nice. The disadvantage to this is that if you receive you housing allowance in cash you can shop around for a cheaper property and pocket the rest of the cash which could easily give you an extra 4-5,000 per month.

A disadvantage to working for ADVETI is that their holdidays are shorter than that of ADEC schools. Also, ADVETI's teaching day is a few hours longer than that of ADEC. ADEVTI finish at at least 3-3:30 whist ADEC finish at around 1-2pm.

What I would advise anyone to do before they come out here is to not allow any of the two companies to keep the clause in your contract that they can shift you from site to site if needed as they will do it and they do it A LOT out here. People are shifted up and down the country like yoyos unless you are willing to make a stance but that could cause you your job in some instances, which may be worth it if you are willing to pay the price.


I received initial offer letter from ADVETI on 11th feb 2014, have not heard anything after that. I was wondering if anyone can tell how long it takes for formal offer letter to arrive after initial offer has been made



I have interview with ADVETI in next 2/3 weeks in Abu Dhabi,So i have a few quicks questions to you guys especially who have already given interview to them.

1. What they ask/look for in interview ?
2. do they discuss about  potential work location in Abu Dhabi ?
3. any other tip  or thing which must be negotiated in the interview ?

Thanks a lot


Hi Noman

They will give u a written test of the subject u have applied for
They don't ask for preferred locations

I had no test a 10 minute interview and I got the job.

Have u got initial offer so far.... If got formal letter after how long of issuance of initial letter

about a week.
Depends if you bought your paper work in on the day or sent it to your recruiter

Thanks for ur reply...
I just wanna confirm have u got two letters from adveti ... Initial offer and final offer... Or one so far

Hello all,

I had an interview with ADVETI on last week. Need some information on following
1. What will be the chance for getting selected?( I done written test well and ha personal interview for more than 15 minutes)
2. If selected how many days will taken for getting the initial offer?
3. Is any need of following up they asked for 2 weeks ...Do they mail me the outcome ?
4. How many vacancies for teacher posts in STS?
5. When will be the next training for new selected batch?

Mohd ayaan

Dubai as of now i think has a lot of opportunities in marketing,teaching,brand development.Its a real boom in education mngmt here.i myself moved to dubai few weeks ago and am teaching here too.i left my teaching in europe to teach here.wonderful,safe for women,beautiful culture.you will surely enjoy working here.gud luck

1. What they ask/look for in interview ? :
There will be an written test based on your subject not so tough. In personal interview queston will based on the teaching aspects and your ideas in teaching methods.
2. do they discuss about  potential work location in Abu Dhabi ?
May be they will ask for the location you prefer to work.
3. any other tip  or thing which must be negotiated in the interview ?
Be cool and all the best for your interview

I am applying for a maths position any details of the test at the interviews

which subject you teaching

I have offer of interview, from  ADVETI FOR Physics Technician. Anyone can guide me about inteview and working condition and about salary and facilities in adveti,pls let me know

Hello. I have an interview on Saturday in Manchester for the role of English teacher in Abu Dhabi.Just like to know what questions do you think they will ask, how many people will be on the panel and how long is the interview.
Would appreciate your advice thanks.

My interview was 10mins basically the said explain ur work history in 5 mins tops then they asked what my typical day would be like. I felt they wanted to put a face to the CV nothing intense 3 guys one from uk other 2 from UAE I was surprised at how quick it was. Take all paper work and photos even though u may have given it to your recruiter.

Thanks alot Sunnytee thats really helpfull to know congratulations ....when will you be starting work?

where is your interview?


Hi Chasy21,

Do you have any information to share with the members regarding teaching salary and benefits with ADVETI?

As you are a first time poster can you please give us some information about yourself?

Thank you,


Are there any opportunities to do tuitions while working at adveti

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Anybody got final contract for 2014 august start with adveti

I received my final contract on March 14. I am now in the finally steps of getting my documents authenticated I which they should be done next week. I will be call my school  on tomorrow to see if they have the exact date if my arrived yet! I am so excited about my new journey ahead!

Which school are you going to and in what area?

Institute of Applied Technology

Anybody recvd final contract for ADVETI 2014

Had my ADVETI interview for an EFL position 4/27. Face-to-face was about 15 minutes like most people report; written part was well over an hour (lots of writing involved). Anyone know when ADVETI typically gets back with interviewees with results (e.g. you did/did not get the job, salary + package details, etc.)? It's been about two weeks now. Will ADVETI contact people directly or the recruiting firm (in my case, Teach Away)?


Finding a job for your husband may or may not be a problem depending on where you end up living. But it may (and will take) time for him to get a job. And when he does it probably won't be nowhere near as much paid as yours.  And living on your salary only may be quite a struggle.

However, working for ADVETI is something else! You would be starting at 7.00am and finishing around 4.00pm. You have to clock in and out to the minute. You will be expected to work ridiculous number of teaching hours (workload is unbelievable, and incredibly tiring), supervise exams, mark not only your exams but everybody else's,do all the administrative work, come to work on Saturdays, and work when every other school in the country has got a holiday. You can expect to be asked to do things at a very short notice (like taking kids somewhere after school, and being told about that on that day!) You will have to mark endless coursework at home and are likely to have less time to spend with your family than you probably have where you are right now. You are likely to end up working with very little or no support.
Don't expect a professional working environment, and be prepared to face some of the least professional school management you might have ever come across (some have never been in education or management in the countries where they came from!). Some of them would pobably never be given that kind of a job in the contry they come from. 

Teaching kids there is quite a challenge  and if you try to discpline them be prepared to face the consequences. You also may be asked to move to a school in a different part of the country irrespective of your renting a property where you are.
There is also a link to the ESL Teachers Board where you could post or read the posts (http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin … read=56859).

Each time you rent a property there you will have to pay agency fees (they are not cheap and are non-reufundable), and that will come out of your pocket. If you rent an unfurnished property and buy the furniture, and then get asked to move to a different part of the country you are likely to leave the furniture behind, or sell it cheap (if you get enough time to do it). Even when renting a furnished property you will have to spend money on getting things that are not provided- none of which come cheap.

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