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If you are moving to Antwerp, you will not have much trouble in finding a job there provided you have a good knowledge of the Dutch language.

Located in Northern Belgium, in the Flemish region, Antwerp offers various career opportunities, particularly in the port and diamonds sectors.

Being Belgium's third biggest and most densely populated city, Antwerp is deemed to be a Dutch city. It is particularly famous for its rich history and architecture, as well as for its diamond industry. The city also hosts the whole of Europe's second largest port after that of Amsterdam, hence its economic development and prosperity.

Most of Antwerp's population speaks Dutch. This is why young professionals seeking career opportunities in the region must have a good knowledge of Dutch so as to be able to adapt to its labor market. Other conditions also apply.


Antwerp began to rise during the sixteenth century through its diamond industry. In fact, 4 of the world's 28 diamond stock exchanges are found in Antwerp. Hence, the “Cut in Antwerp” tag is deemed to be as precious as the diamond itself. But its economy also depends on other important pillars, such as petrochemicals, the port, trade, chemicals, as well as fashion and garments. Note that Antwerp ranks second in the petrochemical field, after Houston, in Texas.

The city also hosts some 140 world famous international companies and subsidiaries such as Recticel, ANTWERP BAYER, Solvay, Agfa-Gevaert, UCB, GlaxoSmithKline BIOLOGICALS, Eurogentec, among others. Foreign investors and scientists are likely to find their haven in Antwerp.

This Flemish region also specializes in horticulture. In fact, Antwerp provides 95% of the country's ornamental flowers. Retail, logistics, clustering, storage and chartering also contribute to the city's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The distribution field, for its part, including companies such as Carrefour, Delhaize, and Colruyt, has hired around 10% of Antwerp's active population.

Find a job

During your job search in Antwerp, you can contact the Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling in Beroepsopleiding, which is the Flemish Public Employment and Vocational Training Office. This organization consists of a really huge database regarding employment in Antwerp.

You may as well check out general and specialized job websites, and check out classified ads in local newspapers if you are already on the spot. Finally, registering with a recruitment agency may be of great help.

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