Where do British expats work?

Hello everyone!

I just completed a Master's degree in Translation EnglishSpanish-Dutch and am currently debating the question 'to become self-employed or not to become self-employed'. If I choose to become a normal employee, I am absoutely desperate to work with British people. So I was wondering, are there any companies that predominantly 'attract' British people?

Best wishes, Vincent

PS: Just to be clear because there was some confusion about this in another forum: I am not British and unwilling to integrate into Belgian society. I am Belgian and rather tired of tryingto be accepted in the Belgian society. (I am blind and my country sort of doesn't like that, but I have always felt much more accepted and welcome in English environments. Seeing as I can't move to the UK yet, I'm trying to find ways to work among English people here.)

Short answer might be: the European Institutions, such as all the 'DGs'. But I assume you've already considered that, and ofcourse, maybe in a couple of years all the Brits will make their exit from the country! There's the british embassy, scottish parliament office, press offices etc.

You have bad experiences in Belgium as a blind person? That's interesting. In what way do you mean? I'm just curious because my colleague has two friends, who are both blind. I've talked to them both (and helped both of them at the train station once or twice). But I've never asked them if they find living in Belgium a particular problem for anything like that.

I have considered the EU, actually, but they only have translation trials in June. Also, I'm not really supportive of the institution in general, but I might forget that part if I could somehow work there.

Well, Belgians are just extremely anti-social. They either think I'm stupid (which results in them adderssing me like a deaf/old/mental person) or totally clam up and are too scared to talk to me (because I will of course attack everyone who dares to address me). British people are so incredibly sociable and helpful! I feel safer in England without any family member than here surrounded by acquaintances. Everyone just spontaneously helps and, you know, is friendly. No one says a word to me here. YOu're very welcoming in general.

I fear you may be mistaken in your view of us Brits; however, companies that need English speaking personnel will be those that use English in day to day business; companies like multi-nationals with outward facing functions to the English speaking world.  Having found one, you now need to ask yourself why would this company want somebody who has a masters degree in Spanish/Dutch/English (I'm assuming you have a diploma as a "Tolk"; so be legally qualified); so, what you're looking for is a multi, working to the Spanish world; Dutch is a minority language, so you'd limiting your scope; English/Spanish is a better mix.

What kind of job?  These companies are generally working in legal, accountancy and finance; do you have any experience in doing that.  In general, you need to tick some boxes in looking for work; I explain them as luck, experience, qualifications and speak the language - how many do you tick?  I reckon at best you have a 50/50 chance.

One last point; have you tried going back to your university for some leads; certainly here in the UK, your last year at Uni includes networking with the outside world.

Hope this helps; best of luck in your search.

Well, I've been in England five times now and I can assure you that I've had more conversations there than I ever had here. And then I haven't even mentioned all the splendid things your country is doing for disabled people. For example, thanks to the UK I can watch films and TV programmes like everyone else.

My course sort of touched the networking subject, but not in great detail, and of course networking has also been diffiuclt for me when it comes to Belgian nationals, it's always easier to talk to those who live abroad. Also, we didn't really gain experience in any particular field, which is a problem they're only beginning to tackle now. We translated (I did not do interpreting) an awful lot of genres, so I could argue I know a little bit of everything.

I was thinking of starting out as a self-employed translator (I know a lot more about that process), and I'll a lso try and become a member of the Antwerp British Community Association. Apparently there are more Brits in Antwerp than I thought, the more the better.

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